Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dirty Laundry (Room)

Two years now...We have lived here two years. We love our home, and it fits us very well, but during that time there are a few house weaknesses that bother us daily. Two of those is the lack of storage for school things and a laundry room that acts like a crowded hallway. This year, we finally came up with a solution to help us tackle both problems. 
Our laundry room is a small-ish room connecting the garage with the rest of the house. It came with lots of wire shelving and hooks and for two years we lived with the organization we were given. To the left of the washer/dryer is a utility sink and next to that, floor to ceiling wire shelves. On the ground, we keep a woven basket that supposedly holds shoes, but usually it just sits 1/2 empty next to the shoe pile. 
We finally decide to remove all the wire shelving and replace it with sturdy plywood shelves so that we could customize it for our needs. Those floor to ceiling wire shelves became 6 cubbies--1 for each kid's backpack, coat, etc..., one on the floor for a larger shoe basket, and one on top for extra seasonal storage. The best part of the process was letting our kids help out! (I promise they all helped, even if most of the pictures are of Nathan).

Nathan, nailing the side panel to the wall.
 Attaching shelves...

 Pre-drilling holes in the shelves...
 At this point, Christian left for work and I finished up nailing on the face frame by myself.
 And here is phase 1, nearly complete.
 With primer...
 It is such a narrow room, it is challenging to get a good picture of the whole unit at the same time. Here is a shot of the shoe cubby--the one at the top is the same size.

 Color-wise, we want this room to feel fresh and clean and functional. Just for fun, we decided to add a shot of color inside each cubby. Here are some color samples...

 The unit fully painted, with the new wall color... (Stonington Gray, by Benjamin Moore--same as our basement and girls' bedroom).
The room is still a work in progress!

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