Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Sports

Rachel competed in the local Special Olympics again this year. She had a great experience last time--despite the awful weather and freezing temps. This year the weather was just about perfect. We deliberately came late because last year we seemed to wait around forever without any real purpose. Rachel competed in three events--softball throw, standing long jump, and 50 yard dash, and she got three medals, including gold in the 50 yard dash. I really like that they go out of their way to provide medals for as many people as possible. I also like that its good practice for when she (hopefully) decides to do track someday.

The boys and Rachel did Spring soccer, as well. I was really proud of them--they all learned a lot!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rachel is 11!

For Rachel's birthday this year, we decided to do a mini-cousin swap. We like to meet at the Wendy's in Youngstown...not sure the people who work there like it quite as much, because our kids can get pretty loud:)
This time, I took Karen back with me and I sent Hannah, Nathan, and Aaron up to Ohio. Pretty good deal, I'd say.

Plus, it was so good for these two to have some time together. They are spending lots of time online chatting together, playing games and writing stories. I love that they are friends.

 Christian made them fun shaped pancakes for breakfast, and helped them build a huge blanket fort in the basement.
 On Saturday we took the girls to Sky Zone.
 We drove up to Madison on Sunday to swap back, and had a yummy cake for Rachel and Uncle Jonathan. Why can't Rachel do a normal face for pictures???
 On her actual birthday, we did Joker's Cafe, which is becoming a regular tradition.

 Daddy was the server, while I prepped the plates in the kitchen.
 Her homemade cake was a bit of a disaster, but we were all so full, we didn't really mind.
Happy birthday, Crazy girl!