Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Look at me, posting again!

Last Saturday we took the kids to a Hibachi restaurant. Its something Christian has wanted to do for a long time, as much for the entertainment as for the food. The kids loved it.
There is a new place open by the mall. We went for lunch, and even brought the neighbor kid, Titan, who refused to eat anything (even the Sprite the chef wanted to quirt in his mouth). Our chef, who called himself Harry, as in Harry Potter, was awesome, the best I've seen, especially in how he included the kids. His cooking/show had lots of fire, including lighting his hat on fire. (The boys loved that when they told him his hat was on fire, he said, 'I don't care.' Then they had to figure out how he did the trick.) Harry asked Aaron to come behind the grill and try flipping an egg. Aaron didn't want to, but Nathan was happy to try. He got to use the flat spatula to try and catch an egg spinning on the grill and flip it up in the air. He did a great job--despite ended up with some scrambled egg.

The chef also chopped up bits of brocoli and had each of us try to catch it in our mouths. If we caught it, he's give us a squirt of Sprite (tried to give us Saki--had to explain we don't drink!). I'm proud to say I caught mine in the second try! Rachel, Nathan, and Aaron also caught it.