Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, most of this will be a repeat...but I'm still like blogging for keeping records, so here goes...

 We had a fun gingerbread house-making party at our friends, the Giamo's, home.

 If you got a Christmas card from us this year (and not everyone did...we need to update our address list), chances are one of my kids addressed the envelope. I'm a big fan of child labor.
 Aaron got new, adorable reading glasses, which he usually forgets to wear.
Hannah and I finally got around to refinishing the desk we gave her for her birthday. Its darling, she picked all the colors and the handles, and its perfect for her room. She uses it for art projects.

Any of you with daughters know how hard it is to find cute, modest, age appropriate clothes that fit. This year it was a bit of a saga, looking for and trying on dresses. We love this Target dress we found...although I swear she's grown since we gave it to her for Christmas, and it will be too short soon.
 While in Ohio for New Years, Hannah got to go to a special viewing of the Meet The Mormons movie, with a question and answer session with Jenna Kim Jones, who narrates (and who happens to be related to the Stake RS Pres.).

Merry Christmas! I thought our tree was pretty. 

 Rachel has been begging for over a year for a guitar. Now we just have to teach her how to play it--and neither of us know now! Silly Santa--what was he thinking?

We were fortunate to have lots of time with friends and family over the holidays, despite being sick. (AGAIN. This winter has been AWFUL!) We went caroling with the Mitchells,  spent Christmas Eve  with the Tames, had lots of friends over on Christmas day, had a fun couples-only ugly sweater party (yeah, I forgot to take good photos...), and spent New Years in Ohio with the cousins.

The Green Cafe is becoming a standard cousin activity.
 This year, platypus was on the menu.
 We had a big Foosball tournament with the missionaries on New Years Eve. I'm pretty sure Isaac and an Elder won, even though Isaac decided he didn't want to finish the game.

 And, I finished it all up with this cute craft project for Natalie's bedroom.

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