Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Family Invades the Nation's Capitol

Happy Spring Break to us! We took a quick trip south to DC to check out the places the kids saw when we lived in Baltimore (and they were too young to remember) and a few new places.

The Air and Space Museum...
 ...where we saw the Discovery Shuttle, which was pretty amazing and old looking.
 Then we headed into the city, where we walked miles upon miles to squeeze in as many sites as we could, like the Jefferson Memorial...

 ...and the MLK Memorial (We didn't get to see any of these when we lived here before, and they are all pretty cool!)
 And the Lincoln Memorial, which is always a favorite!
 The Washington Monument looks so close, but feels so far away when walking with a bunch of kids!
 Really, the first highlight of the trip for the kids was the Metro, which was nice because it was pricey--at least they thought it was as good as an amusement park ride:)
 We also spent an afternoon at the DC Zoo, which is my all-time favorite zoo. They have the most active lions and tigers, plus pandas! and even a baby panda! We met up with Christian's brother, Peter, and his sister, Alexia, who both live in Arlington.
 That weekend, we slowed down just a bit. We crashed Peter's ward Easter Egg hunt so the kids didn't miss out on necessary Easter candy, had a yummy picnic at the park (and waved at Georgetown Cupcakes as we passed--but the line was way too long to consider stopping and going in). That afternoon, we all rented kayaks and spent an hour rowing on the Potomac, which Hannah says was her favorite part of the trip. She got to ride with Aunt Alexia, and Nathan got to go with Aunt SkinnyJeans (Peter), so they felt pretty cool.
Don't be fooled--they were thrilled:)

We finished the day with dinner at Aunt Alexia's, where the kids played in her backyard full of bamboo and were in Heaven. They now want to fill our backyard with bamboo. Not gonna happen, kids.
Aaron and Peter, taking a selfie at Aunt Alexia's place

On Sunday, we went to Peter and Courtney's ward, and then had a nice picnic at a part right next to Reagan Airport (you can see a plane taking off in the photo below).

 Monday morning, we did a mad dash to squeeze in as much as we could before heading home. We started of the day in line to get tickets to the National Mint, and then spent an hour run-walking down to the White House for a quick picture before run-walking back to actually take the Mint tour (and see how money is made--very cool).

After that, we headed down to the Natural History Museum, where I met up with my friend and roommate from BYU, Megan Santini, and her two adorable girls. There was way more to see than we could see in an hour, but the kids love the dinosaurs and the Hope diamond.

The boys also visited the other Air and Space Museum while I talked with Megan. After that, we headed home (with a brief stop at Red Robin).

 Oh, and just for fun, I'm a bit obsessed with the Waterlogue app, so here are a few of my pictures turned into watercolor art:)

 Cherry blossoms
 A road in Georgetown

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