Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Curtains

We know have curtains in our living room (as opposed to empty, sad looking curtain rods left by the last homeowner).
 I found the blue curtains at Target, but originally I wanted to use them in my bedroom or the dining room, which also both need curtains. Navy blue seems to be my favorite color right now, and I think it would be perfect for several rooms.
 I love them in this room! I think they make the tan wall color, which can sometimes look pink, look much better. This room is a bit tricky because of the green carpet, yellow and tan walls, and my blue couch. I worried about having too much blue, but in this case, I think the darker blue ties everything else together nicely.
 Also, when my Mom was here for Christmas she helped me decorate my bookshelf. All the items, except for the flowers in the clear bowl, were already mine, but I stink at doing decorative arrangements, and it is completely Mom's thing.

A side shot--and yeah, I should have ironed them, but we had company here last weekend and I needed to get them up in a hurry. Plus I hate ironing.

 I'm pleased that we are one step closer to personalizing this home :)


DeAnn said...

Time to move! I love the bookshelf! And the curtains. See you in a few days.

Robyn said...

No kidding...Part of me is waiting to get attached to the house until I know we will be here a while!