Monday, December 1, 2014

The last few weeks in (mostly) pictures

pumpkin carving--
 the youth service project--

 Aaron's class party--
 Halloween night at our house--
 Then the Wesels came to visit from Michigan--

 And our dishwasher broke and caused a flood--

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Bad pictures, I know, but here's a quick before and after:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer, in Pictures

End of school water fight...
 Aaron's soccer team
 Nathan's minecraft cake (with cousins)
 Rachel, climbing the rock wall
 In Michigan, catching up with friends...

 Spending time at the Wesel's lake house

 Playing frisbee with friends...and wondering why one shoe is foaming... (turns out he left his shoes under our laundry detergent, so the shoe doesn't have rabies, its just really, really clean).
 Celebrating the 4th of July

 More playtime at the lake house (thanks, Wesels!)

 Watching fireworks from the boat--so awesome!

 Sending off a Tangled-style floating lantern

 I took a Mommy-only trip to Seattle

 Visited with my brother and his kids
 Turned him into a cartoon character (doesn't he look 12 years old?!!)

 I had to spend time near the water--smells like Seattle!

 Detroit has the weirdest airport! It was playing video game music, too!
 Another frisbee date!
 We hosted a big activity  for the Activity Day girls, about what it means to be a daughter of God.
 They wrote nice things about each girl on posters.
 BBQ in the rain...because he is hardcore.

 At the Kirtland temple quarry (Hannah crashed a YW activity--getting ready to turn 12 this next month!)
 Playing with cousins in Ohio
 Swimming with cousins in Ohio

 Summer craftiness
Crazy costumes
 A family day at Kennywood
 Just a little wet,...
 Lots of baking with new friends this summer :)
 And a nice sunburn...

Happy Summer, ya'll!