Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I love October! I had forgotten how much I liked this month, so it was a pleasant surprise. The weather is just about perfect, and the leaves are gorgeous! It was this time last year that we first came to western Pennsylvania, looking for a house...and while I wasn't sure if I liked the neighborhoods and schools, I loved the leaves :) Sure is pretty.
As Hannah's birthday treat, and as a nice break for us all, we spent General Conference weekend in Ohio. The kids weren't thrilled about watching Conference, so they begged to be allowed to take notes so they had something to do. Um....yes?! I was impressed that they actually did a good job! Even Aaron, although he basically copied what Nathan wrote.

We took a quick trip to a nearby farmer's market to check out the pumpkins, but got rained out before we could buy much :)

Aaron and I are usually at a loss for what to do during our afternoons, since he gets home from Kindergarten at noon and the other kids don't get home until 3-3:40. We went exploring, and found a fun science center (that worked with my membership from Indiana!). Aaron loved it, and we didn't even get to see everything. His favorite part is the real submarine they had floating in the harbor as part of the museum. We got to go down inside a 50 year old sub, which was about as cramped as you would imagine.

See the big yellow duck? Not sure why, but that guy spent 6 weeks floating in Pittsburgh. The city is currently mourning its loss, although I have no idea where it went or why it had to go.

 Also, its crazy just how much Pittsburgh looks like Seattle. The colors, the hills, the rain, the cramped city driving...

Last weekend, Center Township had a small fall festival, which was fun, and exactly what you would expect at a small neighborhood activity. It was way too expensive for an hours' worth of fun, but the kids loved it...Really, anything to get Rachel off the computer is a good idea right now.

 I have been working on a few projects around the house, so in the next day or two I will post some pictures. Oh, and Christian is in China right now, so when he gets back I'm sure he'll have some fun pictures or stories :)

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I can't wait to come see your projects!