Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hannah's Birthday

Hannah turned 11 on October 3. Again, due to Christian's crazy travel schedule lately, we celebrated a few days early. This year we took a big step and decided to get Hannah a phone (and, incidentally, I got to upgrade my old slow phone, too :)  ). We didn't really intend to get her one this early, but eventually we decided that we needed a way to keep in touch as our schedules become busier. She was thrilled!

(Really, she was thrilled, despite her bored expression. I don't think she knew this picture was being taken, and all the other pictures were blurry because she wouldn't hold still!)

 To celebrate, she begged to have the Owens family, from church, come for dinner...mostly because she loves playing with their little girls! We had her favorite soup, Our Best Bites' sausage tortellini soup, with homemade bread bowls.

On her actual birthday, I let her pick dinner again and celebrated with a fun cheesecake.

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

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Sabrina O'Malley said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I still remember seeing that little baby covered in white fluffy hair.