Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aaron's Big Party :)

Aaron turned 6 in September, and lucky for his, this was a party year--his first party! (We do parties every other year for the kids, since 4 parties a year is a bit much).

We started brainstorming ideas for his party months ago. Christian and the kids were really excited to do a Skylanders party, based on the video game.

Due to Christians' travel, we had to wait a week and a half to do the party, and we actually celebrated Aaron's birthday with the family 2 days early. Aaron requested a Crazy Cafe dinner--something that is quickly becoming a family birthday tradition. For the Crazy Cafe, I create a menu of the birthday kids' favorite foods, but with crazy names. Each person chooses 3 courses worth of foods without knowing what they are choosing, and it can be pretty nuts--especially when someone gets all condiments for the first course, or no drink until the last. We used to put utensils on the menu also, since it seemed fun to try and make people eat applesauce without a spoon, but that brought kids to tears the first time we tried it. Anyway, we had fun with our Crazy Cafe this year, and Aaron enjoyed a batman cave and Lego set.

Nearly 2 weeks later, on a super-rainy Saturday afternoon (which was unfortunate, since most of our planned activities were outside things), we held a party for about 8 kids.

Hannah dressed up as Kaos, the bad guy in the Skylander game.

I made mini-costumes for each kid so they could become a Skylander character for the game. The costumes caused quite a bit of stress for me, but they were cute and essentially simple hats or tunics with some distinguishing features. I also made several of them too small, and had to hurry to fix them after the party had begun. Whoops!

Christian and Hannah ran the whole party. We started with Find Kaos (or Sardines), a treasure hunt to find gold coins, and a card game called Sky Stones.

After that, we ate pizza, watermelon, and pretzels, classic Skylander power-up food, and started decorating rockets made from 2 liter bottles.

 Next, we headed out under the deck for Chompie pinatas (we made 5 pinatas), which took a long time to crack open, and then used a PVC pipe rocket launcher to shoot of the rockets--Christian made the rocket launcher earlier that morning.

The kids had a blast, and I was really proud of Hannah for how much work she put into her brother's party.
Aaron loves being 6, and he loves being in Kindergarten. He is still really sweet and cuddly, and I am savoring it while it lasts!


Catherine Faux said...

Happy birthday Hannah and Aaron! I'm really impressed with the skylabder party and also with the crazy cafe. I might have to steal that idea.

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