Friday, September 13, 2013

Update: Here is the only picture I have of Nathan's face--its a bit fuzzy, and it was taken after he was cleaned up, but it captures his misery.

Today is Aaron's birthday, but I'll post about it later (trying to find photos, etc...). I have to share a remarkably hectic day--vent for a bit, so I can put it behind me:)

Wake up, 6:30--prayer with kids, send Hannah off to the bus. Help Rachel and Nathan get ready for school and school pictures and shower and finish invitations for Aaron's birthday party next week.

8:40--send the 3 younger ones off to school, then head to Walmart to pick up a classroom birthday treat. Drop it off at school, then go visit with a friend who has cancer. Go to Target for a quick errand.

11:45--pick up Aaron, take him to a special birthday lunch (Happy Meal), head to Sam's Club. Home for about 20 minutes before Hannah gets home.

4:10--leave the house again. Drop off Aaron at a friends' house, take Hannah and Nathan to piano. Leave piano early to get Nathan to soccer practice. Take Hannah home, then pick up Aaron, then back to the soccer field to pick up Nathan.

6:45--home again, trying to make dinner. Nathan ran out to ride his bike, only to come back a minute later, screaming and covered in blood. Apparently he flipped over his handle bars and landed on his face. Tons of blood coming from his nose and mouth, and scratches all over. Try to patch him up as best I can and hope nothing is permanently damaged, including the expander he got from the orthodontist on Monday. His lip is swollen and gums are cut, which is lame because it makes it challenging to keep the expander clean. Oh, and its even harder to eat. Poor kid hasn't eaten a regular meal since the orthodontist on Monday.

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DeAnn said...

I know you were super busy, but did you happen to get a picture of poor Nathan's face?