Friday, September 6, 2013

The end of summer as we know it

To wrap up the last of our summer...
Christian, who is obsessed with all things Frisbee, took me on a fun date playing Frisbee golf at a nearby park. It was really fun, although we obviously need more practice and Christian caught his 2nd round of poison ivy this summer.
 This is one of the goals...

 Hannah wanted to practice curling her hair, which I know from experience doesn't work well with her hair type. We tried 4 different methods of curling her hair by dividing her head into 4 sections and doing them at the same time. It was clear that only the small curling iron and the crimpy one lasted for more than a few minutes.

We did a week-long cousin swap--I traded Hannah and Aaron for my niece, Karen, who is Nathan and Rachel's age. I loved the swap and want to do it again. The kids were creative and fun and watched far less tv than usual.

Here we are at Applebees after watching Percy Jackson.

 The kids played "modelling", so my camera was filled with these creative-and unusual-poses:

Rachel also had her 2-year post-op appointment, including a CT scan to verify the cysts that were removed hadn't grown back. We got an "all clear" from the doctor :)

The kids made the most of this little kiddie pool I bought in June, although it killed a patch of our grass and got a hole in it.

Oh, and I try to give the kids jobs every day. I got a kick out of seeing Nathan trying to add to his job list.
Happy summer!

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DeAnn said...

Thanks to the kids, you got a lot more pictures of the exchange than I did. :)