Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School=Back to Busy

The kids are 2 weeks into their new school year. Hannah is in 6th grade, Rachel is in 4th, Nathan is in 3rd, and Aaron started 1/2 day Kindergarten. That means that I have kids in 3 different schools, with different bus times and start times, but most importantly, I have 3 hours to myself every single day:)
 Hannah looks nervous, but she had a great first day of Middle School.

Don't know why Aaron looks so grumpy...a minute later he looked like this:

 He completely loves being in school and meeting new friends, riding the bus, and not being left behind when the big kids go to school. He is a bit annoyed that he gets home so much earlier than they do.

Rachel just kept posing...and posing...and posing...

 This is Aaron on the bus on his first day...I got to ride the bus with him, had a parent meeting while he met his teacher and explored the classroom, and then we rode home on the bus together. I thought it was a cute way to introduce kids to school.

And then he came home and did this:
(That's a sweatshirt, except his legs are in the sleeves and his head is in the hood. He danced around the living room like this.)

After a busy but unstructured summer, it is nice to be back on a routine...but I forgot just how busy the school year can be. We are all awake by at least 6:30 for prayer and scriptures, so that Hannah can catch the bus at 6:55. The younger kids get ready for school and usually have an hour or so to play before their bus. Then I have free time, but I also volunteered to help the PTA with Box Tops and Promotions, so that will use up some of that time. The boys are in soccer, which can take 2-3 days a week, plus Hannah and Nathan are doing piano (which they both hate) and Rachel has gymnastics. On top of that, Christian is traveling a lot starting this week, and we have Aaron's birthday this week plus school open houses coming up.

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