Friday, August 9, 2013

The lazy days

After all that crazy fun, we had two weeks of low-key vacationing. Christian flew back to Pennsylvania (has to actually work so I can afford to vacation!) and we stayed with Daddy (Christian's father). Hannah was thrilled to have her own bedroom for a while, and set up this awesome bed in Daddy's office. On top of the chaise, it had pillows, a blanket to hold in them in place, and then a few other blankets to sleep with. The other kids shared a room.
I took the kids to Salem Pond, which is one of my favorite places in Utah. Christian and I *almost* got engaged here, but we have lots of good memories of dates, family pictures, and picnics here. The kids played on the playground for a while, and then we chased ducks.

 Oh, and my kids loved having a kitty around all the time. Having her own room and a pet are two things she will never have at home, so Hannah thoroughly enjoyed them. The cat maybe didn't like it quite so much.
The kids also enjoyed seeing horses just over the fence in Grandpa's backyard.

DeAnn and I took the kids to see the Temple Square and some of the downtown SLC sites together.

At the church history museum...

Sweeping? On vacation? He's pretending to be Harry Potter/a Pioneer.

At City Creek for lunch...

At the balcony of the church Administration Building (I have never been here before, but the view was amazing)

 Inside the Conference Center...

At the Visitor's Center, while the other kids watched a movie at the Joseph Smith Building (without subtitles, Rachel didn't want to watch).

 Unfortunately, we had a few mishaps, including loosing a few kids and watching Aaron get stuck in a revolving door. A bit stressful.
Afterwards, we stopped by my Dad's work to see Grandpa. Unfortunately, I didn't end up with ANY pictures of my family, but I swear we saw them, too.

Later that week, we went on a hike with DeAnn and her Dad, Grandpa Warner. It was a gorgeous (and, thankfully, fairly short and kid-friendly) hike to a creek. Their tradition is to build a dam to redirect the creek out of its normal way, so the kids enjoyed getting in the cold water and building a dam out of rocks. It worked!

Later in the week, we went back to BYU to see the art museum. My Great Grandfather has some art on display in the museum and in the Wilk, so I wanted to show the kids. We also climbed on the displays in the art garden and got some Jamba Juice (which is one of the things I miss most about living out west).

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