Sunday, August 11, 2013

Motocross? Motorcross? Something like that...

Christian came back to join us for our last week of vacation--and we packed in a lot of fun! DeAnn and Jonathan invited us to join them at their parents' home in Glenwood, a small little town about 2 hours south of Provo. Its a small little country town--the kind of place you want to sit outside, drink the mountain water, and put down your phone. Oh, yeah--and ride 4 wheelers. 

DeAnn's parents had several 4 wheelers (including 1 razor and 1 kid-sized 4-wheeler), so everyone got to try them. They also had an empty field behind their home where the kids could ride in circles for hours...and when they kicked up too much dust, they would turn on the sprinklers and the kids would keep on going :)

Hannah was a bit nervous at first, but eventually, with Grandpa Warner's help, she warmed up to the 4-wheelers.

Before we got there, my nephew, Jacob, (11-yrs old), rolled a 4-wheeler down the mountainside with my nephew, Isaac (5 yrs old), on the back. Miraculously, they were safe, aside from some bruises and a nasty cut from landing on barbed wire. Also, my other nephew, Sammy (5 yrs old), rolled the small one and was totally fine. 

The first evening, we drove out to this private motocross track at the base of the mountain. Its hard to see in the pictures because everything in brown, but it was a 5-min or so course of hills and turns and was pretty awesome. My first time ever driving a 4-wheeler, they sent me on the track. Christian said I drove so slowly he could have walked next to me, but I lived to tell about it and eventually got comfortable with a bit of speed :)

 Rachel especially loved it, and became a frightening speed demon.

We also took them on a 14-mile (I think?) drive through the mountains--to see the "Bat Cave," which turned out to be more like a bat potty. Then we drove down a scary pass full of rocks, streams, and more scary stuff, but I lived to tell about that, too.

In our evenings, or when we were taking turns on the 4-wheelers, we played at a nearby park, played The Great Dalmuti, and talked and ate, but seriously the kids stayed on the 4-wheelers until late at night.

So much fun, way outside my comfort zone, and I'm so glad we did it!

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DeAnn said...

I love reading about my vacation on your blog. I'll have to steal some of your pictures once I get around to blogging about Utah.