Thursday, August 1, 2013

Michigan Again

Hey, folks, I'm back--twice in one week! Which is good, because I have a ton to catch up on.

Our big summer event was a cross-country drive to Utah, so we thought--If we have to drive west anyway, why not drive a bit north and visit some of our favorite people in Michigan?

No joke--I hate packing. We planned on picking up Christian from work and heading out, which meant I had all day to stress about whether or not I had everything we needed to be away from home for a while month. By 3:00, we were off, with 6 hours of driving ahead of us.

We stayed with our buddies, the Wesels, while in Michigan--which was awesome, because in between catching up with all the friends we needed to see, we could spend our evenings chatting and playing games and watching stupid YouTube videos.

For our first day in Michigan, we headed down to Silver Beach--our favorite spot on Lake Michigan. It was a gorgeous day for the beach--warm, nice waves, and I loved playing with the kids in the water.

Saturday was a pretty busy day. Rachel spend most of the day with her good friend, Madison. Madison is also hearing impaired, so it is very important for me to keep the girls close.

We spent 3 hours playing frisbee with the old group, and some people drove in nearly 2 hours to play with us :) Christian had a blast--it would have been worth driving to Michigan for frisbee alone.

Afterward, he visited with the family of his coworker. They had a 4-wheeler and a large property, so the kids got to swim and fish and explore while we talked with friends.

That evening, the Wesels hosted a bbq with friends from the ward, including an old college friend, Bill Fredricks and his family, who recently moved to Kalamazoo. Good food, good times...a good reminder of all the things we miss about living there.

Sunday was church, of course, and nice opportunity to see more friends. After that, we packed up the van and drove to the home of another friend and co-worker, Ashish. (If you are a frequent blog reader, you might remember me writing about a Thanksgiving in Michigan where we hosted nearly 25 people, including a Vegetarian Indian family. Same people). He invited us over for "tea", although we drank Mango juice and ate spicy food. We had a wonderful discussion about immigration and the similarities between Mormonism and Hinduism (and apparently there are a lot).

Next up was a quick drive across town to have dinner with the Michaleks (Maybe a little too quick--we had a rather unfortunate run-in with a friendly neighborhood police man. Curse you, small town speed trap!). Again, it was so good to be reminded that we have good friends back in Michigan.

Next up--23 hours to Utah, and a month full of fun!

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