Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greens are good for me

On Thursday night, the evening of July 4th, we officially started our Green family reunion with a bbq and fireworks. We had 9 of the 13 siblings come, plus Grandpa and all the kids--it added up to (if I remember correctly) 42 people :)

This year, we kept things pretty simple. Using Adam and Jennie's home as our home base, we planned fun, local activities and had a great time together. We made these awesome t-shirts with a logo on the front and word cloud on the back, with the names of all the family members. Each person colored in their name with a permanent marker and it was a fun way to personalize the shirts. We put a lot of planning into this, and I felt awesome seeing all the family wearing these shirts.

On Friday, Aunt Maggie brought over her horses, so the kids could go horseback riding in the empty lot next to Jennie's house. So cool!

Then, we did a nice and short hike up Payson Canyon (to the Grotto), and splashed in the water.

That night, we put on a family talent show. The oldest cousins recreated a Studio C skit, Nathan played the piano, Grandpa, Jonathan, and Catherine played their string instruments while Annelise sang...

On Saturday, we hosted our family Olympics. They started out in the basement gym, with small scooters and an obstacle course, and a game of basketball. One of the highlights was when Rachel raced her cousin, Jacob (age 11), are barely beat him, gloating all the way. Then we went to a park for the outside portion--three-legged races, frisbee toss, crab walk, and, everyone's favorite, Prancercizing. The prancersizing event was inspirted by a YouTube video of a lady dance walking to ridiculous music, which we artfully recreated.

Can you see Rachel gloating?

That evening, the adults went out to eat at Los Hermanos, leaving the kids (27 of them, ages 13 and under) with a babysitter...! It was nice to have some time with talk, and the kids enjoyed their party night. The babysitter, Maddie, lives with Adam and Jennie, and she said she actually had fun--plus, the older cousins helped out a lot.

Next time, I think we would like to have a more structured beginning and end (we were supposed to do a family history thing on Sunday, but people left early so our plan sort of fizzled). We had such a fun time with this simple plan that I think we will definitely do something like this again!


emily said...

that looks like so much fun! I just might have 13 kids so I can recreate that.

I have 5 cousins total. We don't even have family reunions, let alone family olympics!

DeAnn said...

It was awesome. I'd forgotten about playing basketball. That was really fun! I'm trying to send you the prancercising video so you can post it.