Sunday, July 28, 2013

June...way totally awesome.

The past 6 weeks have been packed with fun and craziness, and since I'm teaching a lesson next week on journaling, I thought I better avoid being a hypocrite and start writing about our adventures. Plus, I really want to remember all the awesome stuff we did.

The kids were in school until the first week of June. I thought it would be a fun summer kick-off to hang out on my front porch with loaded squirt guns and greet the kids with a water fight as they got off the bus. Didn't work out so well. I forgot that they would probably have school papers and end of the year projects. I also didn't anticipate tears and arguing. We had about 10 minutes of fun before I had to put the guns away. Lesson learned.

(Also, funny story--Rachel asked me to curl her hair for her last day of school, so she could "attract boys." Yeah, can we just pause for a minute and think about how much fun I'll have when she is a teen?)

We had about 1 week of laziness before craziness kicked in. Nathan started flag football, and we took a day trip to the kid's museum in downtown Pittsburgh.

(That's a picture looking up at the seriously cool ceiling in the art studio at the museum--those are pink and orange streamers hanging down)

The first big event of summer is our now annual trip to Waldameer, a small-ish amusement park in northern PA. DeAnn's kids get discount passes, and it is the perfect size for our family.

DeAnn was headed to Girl's Camp, so I took her 3 youngest for a week. We learned that we don't have any working outside faucets, so the kids hooked up our hose to our laundry room sink and made a glorious wet mess in the garage while playing with sprinklers and a mini kiddie pool. There was a lot of lego playing, skylanders, block-building, cartoon-drawing, costume-wearing, coloring, etc, and far less tv watching than normal, which was fantastic.

Oh, and Rachel adopted some lightning bugs.

Nathan turned 8 on the 20th. Grandpa came into town while I had a house full of cousins, and by the weekend we added aunt Courtney and Uncle Peter (uncle bell bottoms and aunt skinny-jeans), as well and DeAnn and Jonathan. We threw a backyard party with Nathan's friends and played frisbee on Saturday morning. We conveniently scheduled his baptism around the frisbee game, and set a goal to have it last not more than 30 minutes--which we accomplished. Congratulations, Nathan! It was a big day, and I'm so glad we had family here to celebrate with him :)


DeAnn said...

Wow! You blogged...I'm so impressed. I need to get caught up.

Robyn said...

Be impressed when I am completely up to date!

Nancy said...

I love to read these blogs.