Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Us, lately

3 days to go until summer vacation! Still getting used to Pennsylvania, but its safe to say that we like our home, neighborhood and ward. Christian is travelling a lot, to some fairly cool places, and the kids are finding friends and activities. Here's just a glimpse of last month.

Just a monster eating breakfast...
Hannah, who never lets me do anything with her hair besides a ponytail, let me braid her hair. This is huge, people.

 Working on the girls' room...Hannah helped with the design of all of these, and did the H and dots on the left by herself. Semi-matching artwork for Rachel in the works.
 Helping Mom hang hooks in the bathroom. I'm going to miss spending the day with Aaron, just him and me...but he's so ready to have the kids home all summer, and then to head off to kindergarten.
Summer weather = sidewalk art. Nathan is a real artist!

 We had dinner at the park last week (while Daddy and Hannah played frisbee with his new group from work).
 Rachel dressed up for the occasion. Dress + teeter totter = not very comfortable.
 The girls have been begging for years to have a garage sale, so I finally gave in. It was small, and barely successful, but the kids sold drinks and goodies and made nearly as much as I did selling real stuff.
 Massive basement tent.
 Aaron wanted shark hair (Hannah styled it), and I snapped this adorable photo before he ran away.


DeAnn said...

Does Memorial Day get it's own post?! :)

Robyn said...

I need pictures from you! I don't think I took any!