Monday, May 13, 2013

The Pretty update

While I haven't tackled any major projects, we are doing a few things to personalize our home.
Ist up, the entry way...

I found a good deal on a rug for the dining room, and on a whim, purchased it online without seeing it in person. We needed something a particular size, and that would work with the colors in the two rugs in the entry. Its plush, which may not be best for food messes, but I think it actually goes with the other rugs better than I hoped (although Christian isn't convinced). Whatever--it was a good deal and it works, and definitely helps the space feel more "finished"...although we still need curtains and something on the walls.

What do you think...does it work?

When Christian was out of town, I decided to keep busy by painting the girls room. It started off dark brown (it used to be a boys' room). I painted it a silvery gray (Stonington Gray, Candice Olson-approved), and started bringing up a few pretty things I've had for a while to make the room pretty, and hopefully it will become something the girls will love as they grow up. The plan is to make a pretty, neutral background to work with the pink and purple quilts I made each girl years ago, and add some fun, colorful accessories. I want the room to be light and happy and fun, and easy to change and update as they grow.

While working on the room, I let the girls have their own space. Rachel camped out the pink-glitter room (the guest room)...
 and Hannah stayed in the other empty room (right off the front door, supposed to be an office). They both loved having their own space, even just for a few days, and lost no time personalizing their temporary rooms.
 This room is still very much "in progress." I plan on making some canvas art (like I did for Natalie) for each girl to hang over their bed, and put shelves over the cube bookshelves so each girl can personalize their half of the room.

 Here's my question..I bought the white ruffle curtains a while ago, thinking they would be perfect, but when I put them up they were a bit bland. So I bought the teal curtains, hoping they would work, and I'm not sure they do. Are they too dark? Too heavy? The trick with this room is planning colors around the pink and purple quilts I made the girls years ago---and we have no intention of replacing those, since we put some much into making them!

The next step for me is to touch up the white trim all over the house. After lusting after white trim for years, I'm now faced with the reality that it scuffs easily. I plan on caulking and painting through the main level. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The winner is...

The yellow curtains won my informal survey by a landslide :)

Honestly, I liked them best but worried they were too trendy--plus I didn't think Christian would like them. Turns out, we all agreed that our basement needed a cheerful hit of color, and I love them!

(Plus, I never could find a 4th set of the navy curtains. I guess a lot of other people liked them, too)