Monday, April 8, 2013

Nashville Easter...and Rachel's birthday (Happy 9th birthday!)

Last fall my sister-in-law, Marcy, called me up and asked what our plans were for Spring Break. Having no plans (and, as it turned out, having no Spring Break), I told her so and she suggested we plan on visiting her and her new baby.

With the move to Pittsburgh, we are now about 9 hours from her home in Nashville, but we're used to driving to visit family. Jonathan and DeAnn thought they'd like to tag along, too, which is great since Marc and Marcy's kids don't know many of their Green cousins. My kids only had 2 days off for "Easter weekend" (what kind of school district doesn't take a real Spring Break?!), so we drove out on Thursday, stayed in a hotel that night, and arrived in Nashville for lunch on Friday. (Brilliant, on our part, since Jonathan and DeAnn did the whole drive on Friday and got stuck for hours in traffic) 

It was a fun, and essentially simple weekend. Our main goal was to see baby Ella and let the cousins play, and we happened to squeeze in an Easter egg hunt at a local church (free rides, free eggs, free cotton candy...and no mess or hassle for us. I like it!), a trip to the recreated Parthenon at Centennial Park (and some frisbee), and a birthday celebration for Jonathan and Rachel, who both have April Fool's birthdays. 

We drove back on Monday, with a lunch stop at Red Robin, where the waiters sang and Rachel got free ice cream. We also gave her a Kindle reader for her birthday, which she didn't think we'd ever do.

The egg hunt:

The cousins:

 The Parthenon:

 I just like this picture, because it looks like DeAnn has a bunny tail :)

 Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things you don't want to hear from your daughter...

"Hey, Mom, I lost my virtue...Can you help me find it?"

Yeah, my 10 year old said that. And I couldn't quite explain why it was so funny.

We were at Activity Days (semi-weekly activities for young girls in our church), assembling a puzzle of the 13th Article of Faith, but Hannah had a hard time keeping track of all her words. Thankfully, we found the word and her virtue was restored.

(Pictured with the words "virtuous" because we lost her virtue again before we left and didn't take the time to find it again)