Saturday, March 16, 2013

Show Off

I'm showing off Aaron's latest creation.

We are attempting home preschool/kindergarten, since Aaron really should have started kindergarten last fall. Unfortunately, he isn't really into it. This letter to grandpa marks the first time he has ever, on his own, grabbed paper, sat down with a pen, and asked how to write something he wanted to say. This was completely un-prompted, from the picture labels, to the "from Aaron." We sent it off to Grandpa right away, since it was so important to Aaron.

Hannah Time

It took us a while to find a new orthodontist for Hannah, but when we finally went, he surprised us by saying Hannah was done with braces for now. She got them off that day. On the other hand, he gave her a mouth guard to help her teeth stay in place, and to help the new ones grow in correctly. Hannah hates it. She had to wear it to school for a week, and she couldn't talk at all, and it made her slobber all the time. We laughed at her all the time, like good parents should. On the plus side, her teeth are really pretty and straight.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Help me out!

Hello, blogland...
Does anyone still read this?

I am in the process of fixing up my basement and the girls' bedroom, and I have a quick question...
We just painted the flesh-colored walls a pretty, Candice Olson-approved gray (Stonington Gray). Now, I want some happy, colorful curtains since this space will be where the kids do most of their playing and I do most of my crafting.

Which of these two do you like best?

(both curtains from Target)
(the gray in the 1st picture is more accurate)

I may or may not take your advice. And Christian is currently out of town, so he still needs to add his opinion. I have a favorite, but it changes from time to time.

Since the end product is probably miles away, I'll post an update as soon as I pick the curtains.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Settling in

While we are avoiding any big projects (and thankfully this house doesn't need any), we have made a few changes that help this place feel more like our own.

First off, some pretty green curtains for the sliders in the kitchen (clearance, from Target), plus some artwork that used to hang in our entry, and a new simple rug. The colors tie in nicely with the cabinets and the bits of green on the main level (green carpet in the living room, green paint in the office/shut-the-door-and-don't-let-anyone-look-room, and the green in the artwork we have in the entry).

Speaking of the entry, we found a pretty new rug to tie in our entry and table (built for our entry in our Michigan home) and our plans for the adjacent dining room (I'm thinking dark blue walls...?). We found it clearanced at Pier 1 on our last date night, and I love it. We also have a neutral rug right by the door for those dirty shoes. We debated for a long time the weirdness/rightness of 3 rugs so close together (since we will eventually need one in the dining room), but we needed something pretty, something to fill the space, and something functional at the front door. This works. The trick will be finding a 3rd rug for the dining room that will look good with the other two.

Also, we inherited a basement full of oddly-hung shelves with a peachy-skin colored wall color. The paint will eventually change, and we'll probably rehang the shelves in a way that fits our needs better, but since we're not quite there yet, I just started putting out the piles of frames and artwork I have in a way that seems to work for now.

I'm also testing for new basement colors. I'll probably tackle it in stages, since its a big project, but I'm excited to get started so the basement can come together.

I'm also in the planning stages of doing the kids' rooms. I just finished a few quick changes to the boys' room--new green paint and some curtains made from Target duvet. I still need to swap out the light fixture...Also, the girls' room went from dark brown to silvery gray this week, so I'll post pictures as I get it put back together.