Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring in January

 Last weekend, the weather was gorgeous and Spring-like, so we went exploring. We found a large park nearby, with some walking paths. Christian went jogging for an hour while I played with the kids. It was one of those beautiful times when the kids all play together.

Hannah loved this long stick and kept posing with it again and again.

On one side of the park, there was a huge, long rock rubble mound, and of course the kids wanted to climb.

 King of the mountain!

 And then, after the climbing was done, Rachel found this sign. Whoops!
 But honestly, I'm glad we found the sign after!

Happy Saturday!


Brian said...

That looks like a cool park. I'm a fan of Rachel's expression with the sign :)

DeAnn said...

Oops! That's hilarious--as is Rachel's expression. Looks like a fun park.