Monday, January 14, 2013

I finally got some pictures off the camera!

Here's are a few photos from right after we moved in:
(Please excuse boxes and mess...These are truly "before" pictures)

Our entry...

Another shot of the entry (view from upstairs)

The dining room: (a bit echo-y right now, since it has no rug, no curtains, nothing but a bird's nest chandelier that Christian hates.)

The blue upstairs landing... (leads to kids' bedrooms and bathroom)

The purple bathroom...

The gorgeous sparkles in what used the be a girls' room (now our guest room...and yes, someone must have just tossed hand-fulls of glitter on wet paint to get this look)

The basement toy/craft area--will be amazing once I find a home for everything. Check out the Ikea bookshelves the last owners left us!

The girls' bedroom (used to be a boys' bedroom, which explains the dark brown)

Our kitchen:
 Yes, I love it. Although the stools, which came with the house, are driving us crazy.
Here's a pictures of my pretty, organized spice cabinet.
Our family room, at Christmas time:
(yeah, our tree is leaning...Thank goodness it made it through the season without falling down)
 The stairway at Christmas:
 The boys' yellow bedroom:

The girls have a brown room, and the boys have a pretty yellow room with sheer curtains, pink finials on the curtain rod, and a chandelier (Christian also hates this one). We have some work to do:)

That's a quick tour. We really love the house, and don't actually have that much to do to it--just some paint. We are making some minor progress on hanging pictures and getting organized, but otherwise haven't done much aside from move in.

In non-home related news, the kids are taking a trampoline gymnastics class, Nathan now has glasses, I am teaching the 12-13 year old Sunday School class...and we still haven't sold our home in Fort Wayne.


Katie said...

it's a beautiful home! Congratulations!

Green's said...

I love the house and the pix! So fun to try new places. Can't wait to see what you do to it as well. Someday, I may have to get your advice on home projects. The birds nest chandelier is very pretty!

DeAnn said...

I'm so glad I've seen it already!

AnnaBanana said...

It's so fun to see your new house.! Perhaps I will be inspired to share mine . . . but i'm so far behind it's too daunting!!! Miss you friend!!! xoxoxo

val m said...

I love your new home!! It is beautiful!! I even really like the dinning room chandelier!! I really LOVE the kitchen!! We miss you guys Hope to see you sometime soon!