Thursday, November 15, 2012


Moving is incredibly stressful and completely self-inflicted (For us, at least. No one is making us do this, aside from our own desire to move on).
The stress of the last few weeks has killed my sense of humor, at least as far as blogging funny stories, but for the sake of venting, here's a *quick* run-through.
Christian got his new job offer at the end of September.
We immediately started repair/replacing windows, new flooring, painting and fixing up the exterior, refinishing our countertops, cleaning carpets, massive de-junking, replacing the cracked glass cooktop on our nearly new stove, replacing baseboards, landscaping (including new mulch and planting a tree), power-washing algae off the roof...
Took two trips to Pittsburgh to go house hunting, and found a place we'd love to have.
We listed the home on October 22nd.
We had a showing that afternoon, and by the early evening, we had a (low) offer. By Monday, we had what we felt was a really good signed deal.
We kept showing the home, just in case. In the last three weeks, we've had nearly 15 showings, which is pleasantly shocking, since its totally the wrong time of year to show a home. I've become really good at making good vacuum lines.
Last week, we had two appraisals (for the relocation company) and an inspection. The inspector *accidentally* shut off my hot water heater, leaving me in the cold for 2 days. He also gave an extremely over-reaching report to the buyer, who then asked for us to replace the roof, windows, and hot water heater (Apparently power washing the roof took a few years off its life). No, thanks. As of Monday morning, we lost our buyer.
We made a few mistakes with the repairs/replacements to our windows, and they still need help but I've run out of time to do anything about it.
We are supposed to close on our new house in 2 weeks. Now we are rushing to get the company buy-out so we don't lose the house in Pittsburgh.
Oh, and the two appraisals were too far apart, so I have a 3rd scheduled for this morning.
I feel like all I do lately is clean, eat, and watch tv. I don't dare do anything messy, and I don't let my kids to much around the house, either. It's hard to celebrate the holidays like this, so I really, really hope we get this resolved soon.
(The kids are still asking to paint pumpkins, and I'm still saying, "No!")
And I'm excited to go to Ohio for Thanksgiving so I can get away from this stinking stressful house for a while. Hey, kids will probably vent all their pent-up mess-making instincts on your house, but I promise to clean up after them. I'm getting really good at keeping things clean.
At first we felt like everything was working out way more smoothly than we ever expected, and felt extremely blessed. Now that just about everything has gone wrong, we're holding on to the belief that the Lord is watching out for our family. We're changing our perspective from , to . We should have learned by now that every move becomes a lesson in faith and patience.
The count-down is on...Two weeks to go, and then all I'll have to worry about is reassembling my life in a new place. At least I've had a lot of practice doing that....Oh, and if anyone is passing through Pittsburgh, please stop by, because we won't have friends there for a while, but we will have an extra room for you:)

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Brian said...

That is the saddest story I've heard all day!