Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can't we just stay put? No, I guess not...

Forgive me for by absence from blogland--its due to a combination of WAY TOO MUCH TO DO, plus some technical difficulties getting photos off my phone, which I'm using now way more than my camera.

Big news---(that those of you on facebook already know-sorry)
We, who can never seem to stay put. In September, which is historically the month for new jobs in our house, Christian accepted a new job (still with Eaton) and we'll be moving to Pittsburgh, PA. This past month, we were in a hurry to get this house ready to sell. We FINALLY finished work on the kids bathroom, we replaced carpet, got new laminate flooring for our entry (to cover up the bad refinishing we attempted on the existing hardwood), painted a room or two, got some help with landscaping and some repairs around the house, and did some major dejunking. The house is seriously the cleanest I've ever had a house, and it just goes to show how much better things look with less stuff. The listing officially went live Saturday morning, and we've had 2 showings since. We alternate between despair that it will never sell, and hope that it will sell quickly because it looks so much nicer. Christian said that he's worried we'll really start to love the house just as we're leaving. We also found a house we love in Pittsburgh, where the housing market is very different (expensive) than it is here, and we hope to get an offer accepted this week. I leave the negotiating up to Christian, because its scary. Oh, and Christian got in a car wreck, so in the midst of all this, we had to buy a new car. RIP, Ford Focus. Its been a good 7 years. We bought that care when we moved to Baltimore, on our first move away from family and familiar places. Now it lives in a dump.

My mind feels like its heading in 7 different directions at any given time, so my calling and Halloween costumes have been sadly neglected. I have 2 days to come up with something cheap and cool for me kids (but they've been warned that they might have to go as 'kid in pajamas'). I still have a few projects around the house to finish up, and Christian starts his new job this week.

And I still don't really have pictures. I'll work on that this afternoon.