Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Antics

Summer is here!
The kids had a fantastic school year--not only does it feel way to early to be done (they finished May 24th!), now I'm wondering what we'll all do this summer! We don't have any big plans, and Rachel is very mad about that. She asks everyday why, if it summer vacation, are we home all day?

The first day of vacation, Hannah and Rachel decided to make fake casts out of packing tape. Because nothing sounds like summer fun more than a broken limb, right?

They also decided to dress Aaron up as a "cool man." This is what Hannah came up with. An slightly unbuttoned button-up shirt, cool jeans...and a piece of taped-on chest hair (white paper with squiggles). Then they made him pose and dance like a cool man.

Last year I started off the summer with a big long list of all the things I'd like to do. It was easy to check things off, since we did a major cross-country road trip, saw lots of family, and had a whole week at Bear Lake. Although we talked about my list, I'm pretty sure the kids didn't know when we actually crossed things off the list.

We have a pretty big list this year, too...but most of the stuff is (much) closer to home.

--go berry picking
--go swimming
--read a new book
--bbq with friends
--visit the Children's Museum in Indianapolis
--go swimming again

Pretty basic stuff. But this year, I really wanted to engage the kids in the list. I wanted them to get excited for our plans, and recognize when we were doing fun things.

Using stuff I had hidden away in my craft room, this is what I did.

I started off with an old, somewhat broken poster-size frame. I spray painted the frame white and the backer board (a very dense, stable pressboard) aqua. Using my projector, I enlarged an image from some scrapbook paper I love onto the board, and painted the design with white acrylic paint.

Using fun fonts, I wrote up a list of 50 or so things we would like to do this summer. I printed them out and mounted them on fun paper (from my scrap stash) and used ticky-tac to attach them to the board. At the top, I wrote "To Do" and at the bottom, "Done." All the activities start out at the top, and as we finish them, we'll move them to the bottom.Simply, easy, and since I hung it at the bottom of the stairs leading to the playroom, the kids will see it everyday.


DeAnn said...

That is so clever...I love it. And Aaron looks so grown up in his cool man picture.

Jennie and Adam said...

I love your summer board--what a great idea!

Sabrina O'Malley said...

Very cool board! We still have 3 full weeks of school so maybe I can get myself organized to do something like this. I know the kids would sure love it. Thanks for the idea!

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