Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nathan is 7!



Stink bug.

Just a few of our nicknames for this crazy, sweet boy. So hard to believe he is 7 already! I’m used to being a Mom of toddlers and babies, but I had the realization the other day that my kids aren’t so little anymore. And that’s a lot of fun! I love seeing these kids become people:)

Nathan’s birthday this year fell on Wednesday (the 20th), but since Christian had a long work day, we decided to celebrate on Monday. We had a lot of fun doing Put Put golf as a family (I won).

kids1 put put  2012-06-18 20.52.09A-put put 

Nathan enjoys his new Skylanders  Wii game (and so does Daddy…). Rachel made him a cute wallet made of felt—the idea came from a sewing book she checked out from the library, and it turned out really cute.

On his real birthday, we celebrated with some of his favorite foods—donuts and eggs for breakfast (Hannah made a breakfast-in-bed tray that he ate at the kitchen table), mac and cheese for lunch, and pancakes for dinner. I let him chose a family activity for the day, so the kids and I went to the Science Central. Hannah wasn’t very happy about it (“it’s so BORING!).

 H- science central

They had a cool new 3-D moon exhibit,

  Aaron on the moon

and the kids always love the water table,

  kids at the water table 1

slanted room, and seeing the lizards and chinchilla.

Nathan is a super easy kid—He’s happy, plays really well with every kid he meets, and doesn’t require a lot of toys to stay entertained. Its actually hard to shop for him because he is so happy making up games and doesn’t really need stuff. He was like that as a baby, too.


Happy birthday, Nathan!

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