Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Adventures~

We made the trek to Ohio a few times in June—1st, just because Christian was out of town and I didn’t want to be alone. We left Hannah to stay a week with her cousins while I went home for a week (and a Deaf Educator’s Conference, which I still want to blog about). We drove back after a brief mishap involving Rachel (which I ought to remember, but don’t really want to blog about). Our special activity this summer was a trip, with the Ohio cousins, to an amusement park in PA—Waldameer.

2012-06-15 16.58.14

This was my answers to the kids constant plea to actually do something FUN this summer:)

Waldameer collage 2 

Waldameer had a bunch of kid-perfect rides, like these awesome big wheels, a train that took us on a tour of the whole park, and a sky-ride for the bird’s eye view.

3 buddies-2

These boys were good buddies all week.

Our favorite ride was the log ride (forgot the real name). Basically, it was a water rollercoaster while riding in a big fake log. Terrified me at first, and scared me again when I saw the little guys riding it without a parent, but we all had a blast…and no one got hurt:)

2012-06-15 15.19.15

 2012-06-15 15.19.18 

Too much funnel cake…

 funnel cake 2

Big smiles as we wait in line… (This girl had so much fun with her cousins!)

H smile 2

N-go kart

Right before we tried the scariest ride of all—the Swirling Vortex of Terror!

 scary ride-2

 Waldameer collage

Thanks, guys, for a fun summer adventure…and from saving my reputation as a fun Mom:)

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DeAnn said...

How did I not comment on this yet? This was a really fun day. After so much back and forth I'm SO glad it worked out!!