Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Adventures~

We made the trek to Ohio a few times in June—1st, just because Christian was out of town and I didn’t want to be alone. We left Hannah to stay a week with her cousins while I went home for a week (and a Deaf Educator’s Conference, which I still want to blog about). We drove back after a brief mishap involving Rachel (which I ought to remember, but don’t really want to blog about). Our special activity this summer was a trip, with the Ohio cousins, to an amusement park in PA—Waldameer.

2012-06-15 16.58.14

This was my answers to the kids constant plea to actually do something FUN this summer:)

Waldameer collage 2 

Waldameer had a bunch of kid-perfect rides, like these awesome big wheels, a train that took us on a tour of the whole park, and a sky-ride for the bird’s eye view.

3 buddies-2

These boys were good buddies all week.

Our favorite ride was the log ride (forgot the real name). Basically, it was a water rollercoaster while riding in a big fake log. Terrified me at first, and scared me again when I saw the little guys riding it without a parent, but we all had a blast…and no one got hurt:)

2012-06-15 15.19.15

 2012-06-15 15.19.18 

Too much funnel cake…

 funnel cake 2

Big smiles as we wait in line… (This girl had so much fun with her cousins!)

H smile 2

N-go kart

Right before we tried the scariest ride of all—the Swirling Vortex of Terror!

 scary ride-2

 Waldameer collage

Thanks, guys, for a fun summer adventure…and from saving my reputation as a fun Mom:)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nathan is 7!



Stink bug.

Just a few of our nicknames for this crazy, sweet boy. So hard to believe he is 7 already! I’m used to being a Mom of toddlers and babies, but I had the realization the other day that my kids aren’t so little anymore. And that’s a lot of fun! I love seeing these kids become people:)

Nathan’s birthday this year fell on Wednesday (the 20th), but since Christian had a long work day, we decided to celebrate on Monday. We had a lot of fun doing Put Put golf as a family (I won).

kids1 put put  2012-06-18 20.52.09A-put put 

Nathan enjoys his new Skylanders  Wii game (and so does Daddy…). Rachel made him a cute wallet made of felt—the idea came from a sewing book she checked out from the library, and it turned out really cute.

On his real birthday, we celebrated with some of his favorite foods—donuts and eggs for breakfast (Hannah made a breakfast-in-bed tray that he ate at the kitchen table), mac and cheese for lunch, and pancakes for dinner. I let him chose a family activity for the day, so the kids and I went to the Science Central. Hannah wasn’t very happy about it (“it’s so BORING!).

 H- science central

They had a cool new 3-D moon exhibit,

  Aaron on the moon

and the kids always love the water table,

  kids at the water table 1

slanted room, and seeing the lizards and chinchilla.

Nathan is a super easy kid—He’s happy, plays really well with every kid he meets, and doesn’t require a lot of toys to stay entertained. Its actually hard to shop for him because he is so happy making up games and doesn’t really need stuff. He was like that as a baby, too.


Happy birthday, Nathan!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Aaron, being sincere...

Aaron's prayer tonight:

Heavenly Father,
Thank thee for a good day. Thank Thee that eyeballs and snakes are real, and that I can be the white Power Ranger.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Monday, June 4, 2012

May's days

Since we aren't doing a big vacation this year, we decided to invest in some camp gear. The boys got to try it out at this years' Fathers and Sons campout. (Coming up this weekend--Fathers and Daughters campout. Should be a good time)

In unrelated news, I forgot to mention a few end of the school year items. First up, Hannah made this completely awesome clay sculpture in art class. It is a shark eating another fish!
 This is what I gave Aaron's preschool teacher--Its a booklet containing notepads, sticky notes and cards in a cute package. The older kids gave personalized stamps (from the classroom of Mrs.___) with stamp pads. They looked adorable and of course I forgot to take pictures of them. Rachel's interpreter got a giftcard. Next time, they're all getting giftcards.
 Here's Aaron on the last day of preschool. He had a cute Parent's Day where he got to show me his classroom and we did a few crafts together.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Antics

Summer is here!
The kids had a fantastic school year--not only does it feel way to early to be done (they finished May 24th!), now I'm wondering what we'll all do this summer! We don't have any big plans, and Rachel is very mad about that. She asks everyday why, if it summer vacation, are we home all day?

The first day of vacation, Hannah and Rachel decided to make fake casts out of packing tape. Because nothing sounds like summer fun more than a broken limb, right?

They also decided to dress Aaron up as a "cool man." This is what Hannah came up with. An slightly unbuttoned button-up shirt, cool jeans...and a piece of taped-on chest hair (white paper with squiggles). Then they made him pose and dance like a cool man.

Last year I started off the summer with a big long list of all the things I'd like to do. It was easy to check things off, since we did a major cross-country road trip, saw lots of family, and had a whole week at Bear Lake. Although we talked about my list, I'm pretty sure the kids didn't know when we actually crossed things off the list.

We have a pretty big list this year, too...but most of the stuff is (much) closer to home.

--go berry picking
--go swimming
--read a new book
--bbq with friends
--visit the Children's Museum in Indianapolis
--go swimming again

Pretty basic stuff. But this year, I really wanted to engage the kids in the list. I wanted them to get excited for our plans, and recognize when we were doing fun things.

Using stuff I had hidden away in my craft room, this is what I did.

I started off with an old, somewhat broken poster-size frame. I spray painted the frame white and the backer board (a very dense, stable pressboard) aqua. Using my projector, I enlarged an image from some scrapbook paper I love onto the board, and painted the design with white acrylic paint.

Using fun fonts, I wrote up a list of 50 or so things we would like to do this summer. I printed them out and mounted them on fun paper (from my scrap stash) and used ticky-tac to attach them to the board. At the top, I wrote "To Do" and at the bottom, "Done." All the activities start out at the top, and as we finish them, we'll move them to the bottom.Simply, easy, and since I hung it at the bottom of the stairs leading to the playroom, the kids will see it everyday.