Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wuz up, Green fam?

Since you asked…

Christian just finished a round of volleyball. His company sponsored a team for a local competition, so for 2 months, once a week, Christian spent his evening practicing or playing. Next up—sand volleyball. This time, his team has matching shirts. We went as a family to a practice and a game.


The kids just finished a round of indoor soccer through the YMCA. 4 kids, on 3 teams, at 2 different locations. It all kept our Saturdays quite full (and meant fewer frisbee Saturdays in Michigan for Christian. Boo.)


(Aaron, on picture day, with his buddy, Cozmo)

Very importantly, I learned to make fairly awesome dinosaur pancakes.


We built our first fire of the summer, and enjoyed smores on a very cold Monday night.


I did a bit more decorating in the kitchen—following my Pinterest addiction, I’m adding more color to the kitchen:)


Color, and a yellow ceramic cow.


DeAnn said...

I love those pancakes! You will have to make them in June when you come.

Annette Shumway said...

OMG smores on a cold there anything better?? Maybe those dinosaur pancakes....