Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break

I took two days off from real life to recover from hard-core vacationing, but I'm back now with pictures to tell about it:)

(See? We're all pretty tired...This is Rachel, at DeBrand's chocolate, after the tour and tasting.)

We kicked things off last Saturday with Rachel's birthday, etc. Monday and Tuesday were rather boring days for play and major house cleaning. See, I have yet to post about the major kitchen work we did just before Spring Break (I'm putting the pictures together now), and I had to scramble to get the kitchen functional again before family came into town.

Wednesday afternoon we picked Grandpa Green up from the airport, and he immediately started tackling some of our household projects. First up--he installed 3 blinds in the kitchen(lived here a year without any window coverings in the kitchen), and a curtain rod and curtains. He also supported my curtain pick and helped persuade Christian! On Thursday, Hannah started the day by making breakfast in bed for Grandpa.
Then the work continued. The kids all loved going to the "man store" with Grandpa (and a long list of projects), and they all mostly helped while Grandpa and Daddy fixed the kids' playset (the top had blown off, and the rope-climbing plank thing was falling),
and began to sand the picnic table. Inside, they switched all the electric sockets and switchplates in the kitchen from ivory to white, and installed new handles on all the cabinets, plus made a fantastic dinner of stuffed chicken breast and stuffed pork loin, plus bread pudding made from Christian's cinnamon roles.
That evening, Jonathan and DeAnn drove here from Ohio.

On Friday, we toured the local chocolate factory and enjoyed some samples, plus hazelnut chocolate ice cream float, chocolate cheesecake,
ice cream sundaes...and, accidentally, a mayan hot chocolate, which is essentially chocolate with red pepper. Interesting.
Crazy cousins...and a crazy amount of ice cream dishes...

On Saturday, we held a mini-backyard Easter egg hunt.
Then the work continued as the guys banded together to build a railing for the downstairs staircase. The old one was broken as the last owners moved out. I'll finish it up this week--filling holes, caulk, and paint.

That night, we had an adult date night to a fancy local restaurant, Eddie Merlot's. Its a really nice place we wanted to share with Daddy. I took pictures of our yummy, beautiful food.
Potato and leek soup...(pretty sure there was as much cream and cheese as potato and leek...)
Pretty spinach and bacon salad...with creamy bacon dressing...
Tenderloin sampler. (amazing.)

Enough with food pictures.

On Sunday, Rachel was baptized. It was a really nice meeting (although I stressed a lot about it, as usual). Natalie (Rachel's cousin) gave a talk on baptism, her Primary teacher gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, Natalie played the flute while DeAnn played the piano, and Rachel was very happy. We were surprised by having a lot of people from the ward come, and our friends from Michigan, the Wesels, drove down to be there, and Jessica interpreted for the meeting. It was just so nice to have so many good people there to support Rachel.

On Monday, we said good-bye to Grandpa in the morning, kept the kids home from school to play with the cousins for a few more hours, had lunch together at Culvers, before saying goodbye to Jonathan and DeAnn and Co., and taking the kids to school. Christian and I pretty much crashed from exhaustion that afternoon (although Christian did a bit more work on the bannister, too). It has seriously taken 2 days to start to feel normal again--that the house is only at the normal level of clutter and like I'm caught up on sleep.

We are truly so blessed with good friends and family:)

We're all a bit grateful to back on a routine, although it hit me just the other day that the kids have less than 30 days of school before summer vacation...Yikes!

(If you look closely at the pictures in this post, you'll see a hint about what's been happening in our kitchen...)


Annette Shumway said...

I immediately noticed the white cupboards in the kitchen (I think that's what you did...maybe they were already like that...). Either way I LOVE the look. Very fresh.
Can we fly grandpa green down to texas if we have some projects in our new house??

Robyn said...

You're right!
I know--its so useful to have a grandpa, right? But Christian and I would be happy to step in...

DeAnn said...

I didn't know Grandpa convinced Christian to go with those curtains. I absolutely love them so I'm glad he did!! It was a fun few days for us--thank you for everything. I just wish I had felt a little better.