Friday, April 6, 2012

Rachel's 8th birthday

Happy birthday, Rachel!

This year is a party year for Rachel (we do friend parties every other year), and for once I decided to NOT STRESS about it. We took Rachel and some friends to Bisque-It Pottery, where they painted ceramic boxes (shaped like cupcakes, snakes, or peace signs).
I also purchased a cake for her, rather than try to make it (My kitchen is still pulled apart--I'll post about that as soon as I can!). She was almost happier about the cake than the presents. I think she's grateful I took a break from attempting to decorate it myself!

Sunday, we celebrated her real birthday.
We always try to find a way to incorporate April Fools' Day, without going too far (Uncle Jonathan warned us about the woes of ruining birthdays with too much pranking). We started the day with macaroni and cheese dinner, cake, and presents. We'll end the day with pancakes and whip cream for breakfast:). She enjoyed her presents--lots of pink and purple stuff, dolls and pillow pets from friends, and a book and necklace and pony (for her knock-off American Girl dolls) from us. She's totally spoiled.

She asked us for the story of how she was born, and I completely couldn't remember! Apparently, my memory of her birth was completely overshadowed by the hearing checks, weight and jaundice checks that came after. I had to look it up. Thankfully, for a while I kept a pretty good journal of the kids' stuff. Rachel had a very easy birth. When I needed to go to the hospital, I drove to pick up Christian from school. Christian's mother had planned on taking Hannah, but she was back in the hospital at the time (her cancer had returned). We took Hannah to our friends, the Kelleys. I wasn't in pain for very long, thanks to the epidural, and she was born at 5:00 in the evening. Rachel was nearly 2 weeks early, and weighed 6 lbs, 11 oz, but quickly dropped almost a pound. She had no interest in eating, and was soon diagnosed as "extreme failure to thrive," as well as failing her infant hearing tests. Oh, the joys. Thankfully, she was a super cute, happy baby and we had a lot of help navigating her unique needs.

We really love her. I think its seriously impressive how far she has come in 8 years! Her baptism is coming up this Sunday (Easter Sunday) and she's very excited:)

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DeAnn said...

I remember picking Hannah up from your friends' house and watching her at our house for awhile. I think she spent that night with Grandmother. Or maybe with us and she took her the next day. It's a little fuzzy! I just know we had Hannah for part of it--I have a really cute picture of the 3 girls. I should find it and email it to you...