Thursday, March 15, 2012


So, I always say it takes a year in a new place before it starts to feel like home.
We've now been here one year. Just a year ago, we were saying good-bye to a house we loved, a ward full of friends, and a neighborhood and school that were wonderful for my kids. It seriously tore at my heart. I couldn't think too much about it--I just had to trust the decision-making process that brought us to that point, and go with it. Then there was a busy week full of settling into the new place, where the kids found lots of new places for hiding-and-seeking and we saw lots of potential in our new place.
We celebrated our one year anniversary of moving by heading back to Michigan for a friends' birthday and to see another friends' new baby. I missed Candace's fantastic 29th roaring twenties party because of the move last year, so this year we went back for an afternoon of bowling. Candace has since also moved away, but its still most convenient to head back to common ground to catch up. Jessica, who once swore she'd have a dog rather than a 3rd baby, now has her 4th, and we spent a fun afternoon checking out the little guy, playing killer bunnies, and eating. Sorry--we seriously didn't take any pictures!
We are starting to feel a bit more at home here, but its been a long process. During the past year, Christian and I have served in 5 ward callings between us, plus interpreting duties, and I think that helps in getting to know people and feel like we have a role here.
Our "special needs" home has come a long way...and still has a long way to go. We have the tendency of moving frequently, so we need to treat each home as only 1/2 ours...and 1/2 belonging to the next person to come along. Most of what we're doing to the home isn't because we're spoiled enough to need it fixed up, but because we know what happens when we try to sell a home that isn't cared for. We're proud of some of the progress we've made (the basement, the downstairs bathroom), and excited for some of the things in progress (the master bathroom).
Here's a taste of what we have in the works...and hopefully I'll have some pretty, finished pictures soon.

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Annette Shumway said...

I have been waiting very patiently for a master bathroom update. I LOVE your before and after pics!

We too are dreading the move away from this special place :( Although it's never been the same since ya'll left.