Friday, March 16, 2012

Bloggy Catch-up

My poor blog is feeling neglected.

In early February, we finally had a good batch of wet snow--the kind that's great for making snowmen. Seriously, I can't believe we made it through a midwest winter without having to shovel even once. The kids had a fun afternoon spent building snowman bigger than themselves (with a bit of help from Daddy).

Hannah always seems to end up with the fun teachers. This year, her teacher hosted a family bowling party for current and past students, so we had a fun afternoon bowling really badly.

Last summer I bought a cheap-o side table with grand hopes to refinish it. Christian finally convinced me it wasn't worth fixing up, so I let the girls have their way with it. Between the three of us, this is what we came up with. It looks pretty cute between their beds.

Also, the kids enjoyed the beautiful weather so much, they decided to have an outside spa. They raided my bathroom cabinets for beauty supplies, set up a chair in the backyard, and gave me a foot soak and massage, styled my hair and did my make-up. A bit chilly and windy--but I guess that's part of the experience?