Monday, January 9, 2012

Vacation antics

I'm seriously tempted to avoid a vacation blog post by linking to DeAnn's very thorough post here. But that's probably cheating.

After the Christmas high, we were in serious need of some down time, so we rested and kept things simple at home for a day or two. I also used the time to hit the gym as often as possible in a vain attempt to counteract the damage of two weeks of Green family gluttony.
On Wednesday night, Jonathan and DeAnn and kids arrived. Thankfully, by then the house was at least mostly put back together:) We watched a lot of football and basketball (Go BYU! And anyone who once played for BYU!). We played a lot of games, including a new one called "Ticket to Ride: Europe." Isaac discovered our Nerf gun and shot Christian in the forhead while standing on our upstairs balcony.
The kids took full advantage of the basement and the beanbags. It was so nice to be able to shut a door on all their noise!
On Saturday, we got a babysitter and went out to lunch with DeAnn's old neighbor (from when she lived her 5 years ago) Stephanie Snowberger and her husband, Devin. Fun times had by all. Plus, we saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie and came home to a fairly calm house (by "calm" I mean the babysitter wasn't tearing her hair out).
For Christmas Eve, we let the kids stay up (although Aaron twice asked to go to bed early) and watch old Muppet movies (mahna mahna). We had a nice spread of rice pudding, guacamole, spinach dip, chips, onion dip, lil smokies, latkes (the kids wouldn't try them), cookies, fun soda pop and this orange egg nog drink that's kind of a tradition, candy, and more. We realized that without intending to, spending New Years' together is an accidental tradition for Jonathan's family and mine. Despite several moves, we've spent the last 7 New Years' together.

The next day we were up early for church. I decided that the only people up that early on New Year's morning were Mormons heading to church and partiers who hadn't yet gone to bed. DeAnn and I got a nice nap that afternoon.
The big girls had a basement sleepover that night.
The cousins left Monday morning, and we spent the remainder of the day putting the house back together.
That night, when I put Aaron to bed, he said, "I love both of you." "Both of me?" I asked. "You and Natalie."
Tuesday was spent letting the kids get all their "to-much party" crabiness out before heading back to school on Wednesday. Thank goodness for routine again!

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