Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 years and counting

Our anniversary came and went without the final installment of our story (more here, here, here, and here). I was too busy having a date-day with Christian!

10 years ago, in the weeks leading up to our wedding, I remember expecting to be hit by pre-wedding nerves. One night I was out with Christian, and I asked him if he felt nervous about getting married. He probably thought I had some worries of my own to confess. What I really wanted to talk about was how right it felt to be planning our wedding, and how ready I was to move on the the next step. It all just felt very natural.

We spent the night before our wedding hanging out with Christian's brothers, Adam and Jonathan, and Adam's wife, Jennie (DeAnn stayed home, very pregnant with Megan, her 2nd). We caught a late night showing of Lord of the Rings (the first), which ended around 2 am on my wedding day. Because it was way past our self-imposed curfew, Christian's brothers drove me home. About 5 hours later, I was up getting dressed, styled and made up by my roommates, waiting for Christian and his Dad to come pick me up and head to Mt Timpanogos temple. Because of a mix-up meeting up with my Dad, I honestly thought I'd have to get married in something other than my wedding dress, but thankfully it all worked out.

With Dad and Marianne:
Shotgun wedding:
Just kidding. That's my nephew, Spencer:)

With my Mom and siblings:

With Christian's parents:

With just my little sister, Dana:
Funny how Christian is as much taller than me as I was taller than my 8 yr old sister...

The group shot:

We don't have very many pictures from the day, not as many as I'd like, but it was a very happy day. Seriously, we have only 2 pictures of just Christian and me (the one at the top of the page, in which my Mom wanted a picture of the arches, and we just happened to be standing under them, and this lovely one below. Yes, folks, that's it. Just these two. The rest we had to share with someone else's lovely face.)
We celebrated with a late afternoon luncheon at Christian's parent's home, in place of a full-blown reception, and I hear we had really awesome food.

We also had a very laid back open house at my home in Washington.

Flash forward 10 years...we've both graduated from BYU, helped run a start-up family business and a "not for profit design service", lived in 5 states, owned 3 homes, had a roommate for 3 years (Christian's brother, James, lived with us in Provo), had 4 wonderful kids, watched those kids morph from helpless babies to real live people who can actually clean a bathroom and read a book...and we certainly have a lot of fun. While we certainly have had some difficult experiences, there's always a lot of laughter in our house!

Christian stayed home from work all day. We had a nice time working and reminiscing together. We celebrated by cashing in a gift card to Eddi Merlot's (a restaurant so fancy-shmancy, I seriously stressed about what to wear), and feasted on a shared meal of beef tenderloin. We also shared a bottle of fake bubbly to celebrate the occassion!


Kasey said...

Happy Anniversary!

Natalie said...

Funny--we only have 2 pictures of just us from our wedding. Did we have the same "photographer"?

Robyn said...

Probably! Uncle Steven?