Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things are a bit odd around here...

We've had a few extra *special* happenings around here...

First off, Hannah was sent home from school Wednesday because she threw up in the school cafeteria. The next day, in an apparently unrelated chain of events, her left eye began to redden and swell shut. After a quick trip to the doctor, we learned that she has cellulitis, and she began a rather miserable round of antibiotics. I kept her home from school, both because she wasn't feeling well, and I didn't want her to face a bunch of curious kids pointing and laughing.
Admittedly, not her best week.

In other news, the kids had their yearly Primary program today. I'm in the presidency, so I helped coordinate the program, including lots of practices. This afternoon, when it was Aaron's turn to the pulpit, he decided to ignore the script and say whatever he felt like saying. I think it was his version of bearing a testimony, and if I wasn't laughing so hard I might have written it down. I do remember his mentioning his wonderful parents.

Also, in his prayer tonight Aaron thanked Heavenly Father that he hates Nathan.

Speaking of Nathan, he just finished a round of basketball, which he loved. However, this is the only semi-descent photo of him I could get. He's the one making the whole-body silly face.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

another installment...

I'm long over-due to post another installment in the riveting story of how Christian and I got together. This time, I have pictures. (The rest of the story can be found here, here, and here...)

So, we were dating in September. Being clueless in the guy-department (I was, not Christian), we had a few minor snags, but nothing too major. After only a few weeks, we both knew the marriage was a-coming, but Christian was ready first. He seriously tried to talk about setting a date after only 2 or 3 weeks of dating. I held him off. I really enjoyed dating and didn't want to feel rushed. I even told him that while I didn't see myself marrying anyone else, I wasn't ready for him to ask me yet. (So of course he went ring-shopping).

Another week went by. The real changing point for me happened at his parent's house. They lived nearby, in Salem, Utah, and we visited regularly. We went for dinner, sitting in the backyard with nearly all of the family, talking, and I though, "I want to be part of this." Sound corny? (And Green family--don't get too cocky...I didn't really know you yet!). That night, I told Christian I was ready for him to propose.

We entered that oh, so awkward "engaged to be engaged" period...and eventually had a mini-proposal/agreement, with Christian down on one knee in my apartment one afternoon so we could go ahead with the business of setting a date. We kept it private, though...the "real" proposal would come later.

And by "later," I mean like the following weekend. Christian planned a nice dinner at his parents' house and invited my roommates and his. If you are familiar with BYU roommate traditions, when one roommate gets engaged, they are supposed to provide a steak dinner for the other roommates. Steak was on the menu that night. His younger siblings, Peter and Bethany, dressed up in black and white and served dinner. While everyone else cleaned up, Christian and I went on a walk, where he proposed officially and gave me the ring.

This week, while de-junking, I ran across a bunch of our un-used engagement photos. Most of these were taken by Christian's brother, Daniel, and his wife, Jeni. They should not serve as a good reference for anyone deciding to take engagement photos:

The"Hey, look--We're hanging out in a tree!" pose--
Trying to look serious...
Keeping a very proper distance between us...
The "pull"
The "Chin-rest"--
One of these things is slightly larger than the other...
Because everyone wants to see our tongues...
And, finally--our first Halloween together as Tony the Tiger and his Frosted Flake:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

She's so vain!

Rachel would be the first to tell you that's she's a pretty girl with pretty hair. She isn't one bit shy is that area :) Her long hair had become a bit inconvenient--what with all the food and toys that regular got caught up in it. We decided that after Halloween (we needed long hair for her Cinderella look) we'd get it cut. Fortunately, it was long enough (with inches to spare) to donate to locks of love.

Here is the "before":

The "during":

And a few "After" shots:
I kind of love it!

Halloween, 2011

This year for Halloween, I had ...

Ginny Weasley (we even died her hair red!)

a princess (had to get 2 years out of the dress I stressed over last year...)

a hot dog!

A dragon!

and a pink, cuddle, scruffy bear!

Christian and I went up to Michigan for a pirate-themed murder mystery dinner, but I didn't take any pictures! Christian made a fantastic pirate--he had a wig and a sword and everything!

Enough pictures....let's go!