Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hannah's 9th

October started out with a party~ Hannah turned 9 over General Conference weekend (the 1st weekend of the month). We celebrated by having a mother/daughter date for a mani-pedi. The lady was so nice--she painted flowers on Hannah's hands and feet for a special birthday treat.
I loved giving my daughter a gift that allowed me to be pampered for an hour:) Afterwards, we had a special "crazy cafe" dinner (we ordered mystery items off a menu, which included cups, silverware, and Hannah's favorite foods).
And then we did this to her:
Hannah has been asking for months to have her face smashed in a cake. After watching her, the other kids (except Nathan) wanted to give it a try:
(Rachel, with a bit of pie crust in her teeth)

We finished off the night with a real cake, some baths, and presents!


Annette Shumway said...

who doesn't want their face smashed into a pie!? I love that your other kids joined in on the fun! hilarious.

Annelise said...

Funny! Hannah is so beautiful. It's crazy it has been that long since she was a baby!

DeAnn said...

That is awesome!