Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teaching by example

Monday night we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have Family Home Evening outside. We all piled on to the trampoline for songs, prayer, and a brief lesson (its really hard for kids to listen reverently on a tramp...they just wanna bounce!). For an activity, we decided to play "monster." Two people lay down in the center of the trampoline and tried to drag everyone else down into a pile. As we played a few rounds of this game, I couldn't help thinking (and saying) that someone would get hurt if we weren't careful. We finished up and started sending the kids in. Rachel and I stayed to jump a bit, and Daddy stayed to try to "get" us again. Only Rachel and I were on the tramp, but Daddy's has long arms, so it was kind of scary. I came pretty close to stepping on Rachel at one point, in my attempt to avoid Daddy's reach, and ended up falling in a heap next to Rachel. We both felt a little bruised up. Or more than that. I had a really hard time walking in the house. That night it only got worse...So in the morning I headed down to the local Redi-med (giggling all the way--what kind of grown-up gets injured on a trampoline). The verdict? A real-live broken bone (1st in my life), and a gift of crutches (which I'm too clumsy to use) and this gorgeous new shoe.
Oh, and I got a week of being lazy out of it...and 5 more weeks of wanting to do more than I can while I wait for it to heal up.

Hannah's 9th

October started out with a party~ Hannah turned 9 over General Conference weekend (the 1st weekend of the month). We celebrated by having a mother/daughter date for a mani-pedi. The lady was so nice--she painted flowers on Hannah's hands and feet for a special birthday treat.
I loved giving my daughter a gift that allowed me to be pampered for an hour:) Afterwards, we had a special "crazy cafe" dinner (we ordered mystery items off a menu, which included cups, silverware, and Hannah's favorite foods).
And then we did this to her:
Hannah has been asking for months to have her face smashed in a cake. After watching her, the other kids (except Nathan) wanted to give it a try:
(Rachel, with a bit of pie crust in her teeth)

We finished off the night with a real cake, some baths, and presents!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picts from the past

We're having some computer problems, limiting my access to photos and documents...but the positive side is that I found some photos I thought had been lost. Picasa is weird sometimes. Anyway, I wanted to share (especially in case I lose them again!)
These are from the day Aaron was born, back in North Carolina. My sweet sister-in-law Marcy was taking care of the 3 older kids. I just love these pictures of the girls meeting their new brother :)