Sunday, September 25, 2011

This and that...and that...and that

September has been a little of this and that...

This work tearing off wallpaper in the kitchen (and scrubbing walls):

This fine example of taxidermy, as seen in the cabin rented for a women's retreat with the women of my ward:

That kid using my ipod at the "boring" water park:

That weekend we drove to Lake Michigan for one last burst of summer:

This kid's 4th birthday (and the construction of a truly awesome working-train cake, with a tunnel):

That super-cool haircut:

And a bit of family drama, that resulted in a fun vacation with my sister (including her 18th birthday):
(modelling the outfit my kids bought for her. Hannah wanted to give Dana a prank present, but Dana actually loved it)

This new fancy-shmancy dishwasher,which makes me more excited than I can say (it actually cleans dishes!!!!)

It has also included a quick visit with Grandpa Green,
(That's bbq sauce, not blood. Doesn't it kind of look like blood?)

a basement project to add some light to the room (before replacing the ceiling...Hey, maybe I'm not happy about the ceiling coming down, but I'm happy about the light),

and a new project in the master bathroom, which has already transformed it from being a brown cave of gloom. More to come on that...eventually.


Annette Sugiyama said...

A dishwasher that ACTUALLY cleans dishes...some day I hope to be that lucky!

Currently ours somehow seems to make the dishes MORE dirty while also being SO loud that we can't have it running and watch TV at the same time :) Awesome.

Robyn said...

We were washing ours twice,and still handwashing after! And finding dirty dishes in the cabinet because the kids hadn't checked before putting them away!

DeAnn said...

That cake looks awesome! I can't wait to see your house again and all the changes since July.