Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The List

Here's a list of projects its about time I finish...

For Free:
1.Hang the shelf/hanger in the entry hall *
2.Paint the girls' bookshelf
3.Paint the girls' bedside table
4.Fill the frames in the stairway photo collage
5.Sand the cabinets/tub frame in the master bathroom
6.Re-hang blinds in the girls' room *
7.Prime the basement walls
8.Arrange a craft room in 4th bedroom
9.prime master bedroom
10.decorate for fall/Halloween
11.decorate entry hall

For some $:
12.call the drywall guy
13.clean the basement carpet
14.new ceiling fan/light in master bedroom
15.paint master bathroom/bedroom
16.B&B in master bathroom
17.new lights for bathroom

20 projects I ought to do/can do right away....aside from my normal Mommy-life, and before getting to the more expensive stuff, light built-ins for the basement and a redo of the kids' bathroom. This is the never ending house...

Update: *=done!


DeAnn said...

You should have bought Stephanie's house. :)

Robyn said...

I'm sure she's thinking the same thing!

Nancy said...

They say a goal not written is only a wish. Now that you have listed them, I bet they will go quick. It is amazing all you do.