Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boys (and kids) and their toys

Last Saturday Christian had the opportunity to help out with a community fundraiser--You know, totally a self-sacrificing, give up a Saturday kind of activity.

A go-kart race?

That kind of fundraiser is so much cooler than the wrapping paper one my kids are doing for school right now. (Speaking of which--anyone want overpriced wrapping paper?)

Christian's company sponsored a go-kart for a local fundraiser. Members of his team spent hours, every week for several weeks prepping for the event, but Christian was grabbed last minute for his brute strength.
Hannah went with him early, and we joined him later in the morning. The kids loved watching the excitement, eating donuts, helping wipe down the kart after races,
and stayed close to the kart to be sure and catch an opportunity to drive it...Which they all did.


DeAnn said...

How fun! And my kids will soon be selling the same wrapping paper. :)

Annette Sugiyama said...

oh gosh! The dreaded wrapping paper fundraiser! This may be reason enough to home school my kids :)

Nancy said...

Our school has cookie dough.