Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The List

Here's a list of projects its about time I finish...

For Free:
1.Hang the shelf/hanger in the entry hall *
2.Paint the girls' bookshelf
3.Paint the girls' bedside table
4.Fill the frames in the stairway photo collage
5.Sand the cabinets/tub frame in the master bathroom
6.Re-hang blinds in the girls' room *
7.Prime the basement walls
8.Arrange a craft room in 4th bedroom
9.prime master bedroom
10.decorate for fall/Halloween
11.decorate entry hall

For some $:
12.call the drywall guy
13.clean the basement carpet
14.new ceiling fan/light in master bedroom
15.paint master bathroom/bedroom
16.B&B in master bathroom
17.new lights for bathroom

20 projects I ought to do/can do right away....aside from my normal Mommy-life, and before getting to the more expensive stuff, light built-ins for the basement and a redo of the kids' bathroom. This is the never ending house...

Update: *=done!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This and that...and that...and that

September has been a little of this and that...

This work tearing off wallpaper in the kitchen (and scrubbing walls):

This fine example of taxidermy, as seen in the cabin rented for a women's retreat with the women of my ward:

That kid using my ipod at the "boring" water park:

That weekend we drove to Lake Michigan for one last burst of summer:

This kid's 4th birthday (and the construction of a truly awesome working-train cake, with a tunnel):

That super-cool haircut:

And a bit of family drama, that resulted in a fun vacation with my sister (including her 18th birthday):
(modelling the outfit my kids bought for her. Hannah wanted to give Dana a prank present, but Dana actually loved it)

This new fancy-shmancy dishwasher,which makes me more excited than I can say (it actually cleans dishes!!!!)

It has also included a quick visit with Grandpa Green,
(That's bbq sauce, not blood. Doesn't it kind of look like blood?)

a basement project to add some light to the room (before replacing the ceiling...Hey, maybe I'm not happy about the ceiling coming down, but I'm happy about the light),

and a new project in the master bathroom, which has already transformed it from being a brown cave of gloom. More to come on that...eventually.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st Date

Welcome to another installment of the Christian and Robyn story. The last time I posted, I talked about how I spent the summer in Washington and kept up a friendship with Christian online and on the phone. We planned our first date over the phone a week or so before I flew back to Utah.

Christian picked me up from the airport wearing a new shirt (red, plaid) and holding a bunch of flowers. He had borrowed his father's (much nicer) car to drive me back to Provo and help me get moved in. In the car, he had a cooler with some bubbly (sparkling grape juice) and fancy goblets to celebrate my homecoming. I remember thinking a lot about what it would be like to see him again, after our friendship had advanced so much without being face to face--but it wasn't awkward.

We drove down to Provo, checked into my apartment, and then headed down to Salem for a group date at his parent's house.

The plan was to play volleyball in the backyard and then have bbq (Christian hasn't changed much through the years...its always a bbq). The only problem is that Christian was doing the cooking, and I wasn't sure if I should help him or stay with the party. So I stayed with the party. When it was time to eat, I had no idea where he was! So, I just picked a seat around the large picnic tables. The other couples sort of filled in around me. The problem was that I was the only single, and the couples left another single seat across the table from me, not next to me. To this day Christian gives me a hard time about not sitting next to him on our first date, but it was NOT MY FAULT! Probably the best part of the evening was helping clean up afterwards, because we actually were together.

After that, we hung out a lot. My roommate called him my boyfriend, but it took me a while to warm up to the title.

(Because this post needs some pictures)
We had a quesadilla picnic at the park, rode tandem bicycles down the Provo River Trail (with a staged picnic half-way down),
went fake trick-or-treating, did a murder mystery dinner, hosted dinner for Christian's younger siblings, rode canoes on Salem Pond again...I asked Christian to list a few other fun dates we had, but he said that's a dangerous question (because, while he remembers a lot of dates from his younger years, but doesn't always remember who they were with. The first two dates he listed weren't with me:).

Sometime between all these fun dates, school, and work schedules, we started having a conversation that went something like this:

Christian: So, what do you think about December 21? That's my parent's anniversary...
Me: We've been dating for like a week.

Christian: So, I ought to schedule the temple soon...
Me: We've been dating for two weeks.

Christian: I went ring shopping.
Me: Is it pretty?

While I was fairly sure I'd eventually marry this guy, it took me a while (we're talking, like, three whole weeks!) to decide I was ready. Thankfully, he was willing to wait (did I mention we only dated 3 weeks?)...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boys (and kids) and their toys

Last Saturday Christian had the opportunity to help out with a community fundraiser--You know, totally a self-sacrificing, give up a Saturday kind of activity.

A go-kart race?

That kind of fundraiser is so much cooler than the wrapping paper one my kids are doing for school right now. (Speaking of which--anyone want overpriced wrapping paper?)

Christian's company sponsored a go-kart for a local fundraiser. Members of his team spent hours, every week for several weeks prepping for the event, but Christian was grabbed last minute for his brute strength.
Hannah went with him early, and we joined him later in the morning. The kids loved watching the excitement, eating donuts, helping wipe down the kart after races,
and stayed close to the kart to be sure and catch an opportunity to drive it...Which they all did.