Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Vacation, Part 2

I have to hurry and finish posting about this vacation!

We spent the remainder of our time in Washington playing with cousins. We visited a petting zoo, had a few sleep-overs, and did a nice breakfast together.
I loved seeing the kids play together in my Mom's backyard, the way I used to play with my brothers when I was a kid.

I drove to Utah on my own. The kids did pretty well, and we stayed one night in a hotel to break it up. Once in Utah, I spent a day with my Dad.
We did some of the usual Utah stuff--Temple Square, a little hike in Brighton--
as well as attempt swimming in his neighborhood pool. Since it was raining, with lightning, that didn't last long. The kids really enjoyed getting reacquainted with all their grandparents this summer!

The next day, I got to visit with the Rowley's!
I knew Anna and her family during the one year they lived in Michigan. She has a gorgeous family, plus a new baby, and Hannah and Aaron especially missed their friends Paige
and Boston.
We spent most of the day together, talking, visiting the local splash park, and painting rocks.

We also got to see a re-creation of the Up house, built near Anna's house:

After that, we needed a break! We drove down to Salem to spend the rest of the week with Christian's dad. We had two mostly unscheduled days to play and rest.

I got to see my cousin, Shelly--see her new home in Provo, and meet her son (almost 1 year old).

I also got to spend some time with my old roommates, Joy, Sharilyn, and Sarah. We had an afternoon to play at Joy's home (for C Jane followers, she literally lives right around the corner from Retro house). Our kids are close in age and had fun together.

And then Christian flew into town. We had some fun family dinners, a huge shopping trip to prep for Bear Lake,
and the Mt. Timp hike he posted about.

The only things I didn't get done, but intended to, was a trip to Jamba Juice, Deseret Book and the distribution center, and a visit with my younger brother (he was too busy with friends...Boo). I think getting back to Utah every once in a while is really good for me!

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