Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mad etc. Vacation: Bear Lake

Imagine 9 siblings+ spouses, 1 Grandpa, 1 uncle, 2 aunts, and 20+ cousins (age 11 and under) living for a week in a cabin. Jealous? You should be, because we had a blast!

We spent a big chunk of the week alternating between hanging out at the beach and boating
or using the jet skis.
Unfortunately, many of us didn't use sufficient sunscreen on the first day, so we spent the rest of the week nursing nasty sunburns!

The kids loved the sand...

and the tubes...

Most of the kids tried wake boarding.
Rachel got a bit scared once she was out in the water, attached to the board and decided she just wanted to go swimming, but Hannah tried it twice and even got up once.
Uncle Peter was a huge help while the kids played around.

Aaron and Nathan were pretty content to ride the boat. Grandpa let them drive the boat, too! And both boys tried tubing, and had a blast.

We spent one day visiting the town of Paris, Idaho.
We toured the Paris Tabernacle and played a quick game of frisbee (we never go anywhere anymore without a frisbee on hand).

Some of the cousins :)

Then we took a short, pretty hike up to some springs.

During the week, we enjoyed game nights, a campfire and smores,
a birthday celebration for all the kids, and cake for Isaac's 4th birthday, and thoroughly enjoyed being together.
Thanks to everyone who came, and especially those who helped put it all together!

And yes, I can finally stop posting about my summer vacation now.


DeAnn said...

Whew! It was a great time!! I'd even do Bear Lake again despite all our complaining about not having the beach right out our back door.

Robyn said...

I know! I think maybe next time we should skip the complaining...

Nancy said...

It sure was fun!