Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad trip: part 1

I haven't been home to Washington since my brother got married 6 years ago. With Christian's family reunion scheduled for Bear Lake, we decided it was time to make the drive. I was very concerned about the trip, understandably, and how our kids would do. We drove straight through, 36 hours in the car, adding several new states to my list of places visited...and decided that the Dakotas are probably unnecessary, and would make the drive much shorter and more pleasant if they could be nicely removed from the map. And maybe a bit of Nebraska...

Our kids surprised me by doing remarkably well. We had the help of 2 DVD players, some books on CD, and sedatives. Just kidding about the sedatives.
I had a pretty long list of things to do while in Washington. I wanted to do all the fun touristy things with the kids, as well as meet up with friends and have the kids meet their Rushton cousins, who they had only met babies.
(Me and my kid sister, Dana)

(She generously put her life on hold to hang out with me during the week.)

We arrived on Sunday, and I enjoyed going back to the ward I grew up in, even though it has almost completely changed. That afternoon we took the kids to Mukilteo beach to enjoy the very typical Seattle summer weather (i.e. cold, damp, and cloudy...but pretty!)
beach loot

Christian could only stay one day before flying back home for work, so we packed Monday with some downtown activities. Seattle has one of the best Aquariums I've seen (OK, I've seen two. Baltimore's is kind of boring). The kids enjoyed the shallow pools full of sea cucumbers, sea sponges, and crabs. They could touch it all.
My kids ran through the place so fast!
We had a picnic on the pier before heading over to the Pacific Science Center, which wasn't as cool as I remember, but we enjoyed the Science of Fear exhibit, where the kids got to videotape themselves falling--and see their own reaction.
Seeing dinosaurs...
And dressing up as them...

Rachel, our resident bug lover, held this huge roach...
And a close-up:


AnnaBanana said...

you make me laugh. Thanks!

hee hee.


Annette Sugiyama said...

Oh my gross. That bug is for real nasty. And she HELD it...yick.

I have a whole new respect for you as I struggled to make it to Utah and back with just one kid :) I can't decide if you are incredible or insane! I'll say both.