Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer So Far

While summer is supposed to be a time of lazy days and sleeping in, my kids seem incapable of sleeping past 6:30 (I'm not), and we've actually packed quite a bit into our 3 weeks of summer so far (especially if you include all the tv we watch--so busy!).
I drove the kids up to Michigan again so that Rachel to play with her best friend, Madison, so is also deaf.

The kids just finished up a round of swim classes--mornings, 4 days a week for 2 weeks. Fortunately, they've paid off. The kids are swimming really well. I'm trying to get them ready for Grandpa's new boat. (Sorry, no pictures...but indoor pool pictures rarely turn out that well)

Rachel took a dance camp last week. She's been wanted to try ballet for a while, and this was supposed to be an easy to way to see if it would work for her. Unfortunately, the camp was held during the week Christian left for a work trip, so it was somewhat more painful than expected (juggling kids and interpreting), but she enjoyed it enough that I think we'll try again. She has pretty poor balance, but she can hear the music and enjoys all things girly.

Rachel likes girly things...and worms.

Nathan celebrated his 6th birthday with friends--his first party! And lost his first tooth a month later in Utah.
Coming up: A crazy cross-country trip to visit family :)

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