Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm currently in the middle of three weeks of vacation, making it challenging to keep up with the blog world, but I wanted to stop for a minute and give a quick glimpse of what we're up to.

Basically we're driving a lot.

Oh, there's other stuff, too. But we left last Friday and drove straight through to Washington--37 hours. The kids surprised me by how well they behaved, aside from requesting more potty stops that I wanted. So now we're here, hanging out at my Mom's house, squeezing in as much playtime and sightseeing as we can. Christian stayed until Monday and then flew back to work. He'll join us later on for the end of the vacation.

Here's just a taste, in pictures, of why I like Seattle (even if I never want to live here again--but that's not really Seattle's fault).
(hanging with cousins at the Aquarium)
(Yes, that's on octopus)
(People swim in 70 degree weather? Really?)
(Cute aunt Dana)
See you soon for a more!


Sabrina O'Malley said...

Welcome to the Seattle area! We live up in the Lake Steven/Everett area and love it here. I hope you enjly your time with your family. I am so impressed with the drive you made to get here.

P.S. I had a lot of fun reading you post of 10 years ago. I should do something similar.

Annette Sugiyama said...

Looks super fun! I love how romantic Christian is in pictures!