Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm currently in the middle of three weeks of vacation, making it challenging to keep up with the blog world, but I wanted to stop for a minute and give a quick glimpse of what we're up to.

Basically we're driving a lot.

Oh, there's other stuff, too. But we left last Friday and drove straight through to Washington--37 hours. The kids surprised me by how well they behaved, aside from requesting more potty stops that I wanted. So now we're here, hanging out at my Mom's house, squeezing in as much playtime and sightseeing as we can. Christian stayed until Monday and then flew back to work. He'll join us later on for the end of the vacation.

Here's just a taste, in pictures, of why I like Seattle (even if I never want to live here again--but that's not really Seattle's fault).
(hanging with cousins at the Aquarium)
(Yes, that's on octopus)
(People swim in 70 degree weather? Really?)
(Cute aunt Dana)
See you soon for a more!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Dance

It's done! It's done!

I finally finished the bathroom! (And it looks pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Which I do.)

And here it is (in all its regular camera-glory. No natural light ever reaches this room, and its really small, so getting a good picture is REALLY hard. You'll just have to stop by and see it in person)

Molding--done (and it makes such a difference!)

Mirror--framed (only took me three tries--I kept using the wrong adhesive! Note to self: use white bathroom silicone)

Accessories--thank you Target, Goodwill, and spray paint. (And Deseret Book, although I'm not sure the bathroom is the best place for the temple picture, so it might find a home elsewhere)

New sink and faucet, painted cabinet, repaired toilet, green (Cyprus Grass, by Glidden) paint copied from House of Smiths...

It all adds up to a happy wife :)
(and seriously, I'm so glad that when I get home from vacation, I'll have one less project staring me in the face)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BYU success story

Bear with me--I'm about to get sentimental.

Christian and I this time of year, 10 years ago. We met, officially, playing ultimate frisbee at a park in Provo, where I played a mediocre game but miraculously caught a pass from him, to score a point. He thought it was a nice catch, and thought that I might be, too.

(In reality, we had spoken before. His sister-in-law's (Jeni's) sister, Lora Jean, had lived in my apartment and had recently moved a few doors down. Christian called a few times to ask her out. He'd ask for her phone number, and once I went down and knocked on her door to get her info).

I thought that, in honor of my impending 10th anniversary, it might be nice to dig out some old, pre-digital photos of the old days, and share a bit of our story.
First off, here's a little about the 19/barely 20 yr old me: I was taking art classes at BYU. I had finished my sophomore year, and decided to stay for Spring term. My sophomore year was fun--really fun! Go apt 23!--and I think it bugs Christian when I rave about it, but really, that was the year I gained independence, confidence, and a few special experiences that helped me grow up and be ready to be a real-live adult. And get married the next year (spoiler!). I loved being an interior design student, because I got to watch tv while doing homework (drawing pretty pictures) while my roommates stressed about writing papers and reading huge books (I did a bit of that, too...don't think I was a slacker).
(Blow-drying an oil paint assignment in the morning before class.)
I love looking back on some of my artwork, especially since I feel pretty far removed from that life now. I also had really fun, smart, fantastic roommates--5 of them--and met some wonderful people. We had this cool photo wall in our place, called the Wok Wall. We literally had a wok and made people pose for a picture with it when anyone new came by our place.
Anyway, I stayed for Spring term, decided to play frisbee, and met Christian.
(Posing for the Wok Wall in his Tigger suit)
He wasn't taking classes at the time, but was a student and had majored in about 5 different subjects during his time there. He had lived in the ward the year before, and moved out when I moved in. That Spring, he moved back with his brother, James, so he knew several people in the ward and was called into the Elders' quorum presidency. While dividing up the girls for home teaching assignments, he picked me (cuz I was a great catch), another roommate because she played the cello, and another one because she was fun. True revelation at work!
That Spring term, he was a very diligent home teacher. He washed our dishes. He cooked for us (even breakfast!). He took this group photo of my Spring term roommates.
During Finals, he took my whole apartment out to dinner. I discovered that both me and my roommate fit inside his Tigger suit. For my 20th birthday, he arranged a surprise ice cream shin dig up at Rock Creek Park. He arranged a musical number, performed by the ladies of Apt. 23. He taught us how to bang hollow tubes (Boom-wackers) on our heads to the tune of "I Am A Child of God." He took us canoeing on Salem Pond, but deliberately planned so that he and I would be in separate boats.
But we didn't date.

Good times, good times.

After Spring term, I went home for the summer. After helping me clean the apartment, Christian let me (and my roommate, Joy) stay at his parent's house for the night before flying home the next day. That night, I met most of his (large) family. I remember feeling very intimidated. At home, my social life slowed down a lot, so I depended on e-mails from Christian (some of which he wrote with a Spanish-Fork accent).

That's our history, as of this time 10 years ago. The really good stuff comes soon...

Summer So Far

While summer is supposed to be a time of lazy days and sleeping in, my kids seem incapable of sleeping past 6:30 (I'm not), and we've actually packed quite a bit into our 3 weeks of summer so far (especially if you include all the tv we watch--so busy!).
I drove the kids up to Michigan again so that Rachel to play with her best friend, Madison, so is also deaf.

The kids just finished up a round of swim classes--mornings, 4 days a week for 2 weeks. Fortunately, they've paid off. The kids are swimming really well. I'm trying to get them ready for Grandpa's new boat. (Sorry, no pictures...but indoor pool pictures rarely turn out that well)

Rachel took a dance camp last week. She's been wanted to try ballet for a while, and this was supposed to be an easy to way to see if it would work for her. Unfortunately, the camp was held during the week Christian left for a work trip, so it was somewhat more painful than expected (juggling kids and interpreting), but she enjoyed it enough that I think we'll try again. She has pretty poor balance, but she can hear the music and enjoys all things girly.

Rachel likes girly things...and worms.

Nathan celebrated his 6th birthday with friends--his first party! And lost his first tooth a month later in Utah.
Coming up: A crazy cross-country trip to visit family :)